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Security update: What you need to know about Meltdown and Spectre
Meltdown and Spectre are Intel chip vulnerabilities that researchers have been quietly studying for some time.
Shopping online the safe and secure way
With the start of the holiday shopping season nearly upon us, how can you be sure that your personal information will be safe if you choose to shop online?
The ins and outs of backing up your data
Backing up information and files is one of the most important things a person should do to maintain information security.
What you need to know about the 'KRACK' vulnerability
Vulnerability on Wi-Fi just got a bit more interesting. Here's the scoop.
Steps to help secure your online presence
October is Cyber Security Awareness Month. To celebrate, we are providing four simple ways for you to better secure your online footprint.
Details about mandatory laptop encryption
Full-disk encryption (FDE) will be rolled out over the next few weeks by Miami University IT Services. By installing FDE, we are ensuring that no confidential data can be accessed if an employeeÂ’s Miami-issued laptop is lost or stolen.
Full disk encryption coming to University laptops
Over the next few weeks, Miami University IT Services will be rolling out full disk encryption (FDE). Here are a few frequently asked questions about this new requirement, and how it will impact users.
Security Awareness 101: What keeps Joe Bazeley up at night?
According to Joe Bazeley, there are two main worries when it comes to information security here at Miami University.
Joe Bazeley: Security Expert and Cat Person Extraordinaire
Information security is a huge topic here at the University, and Joe Bazeley is the guy in charge.