Chief Departmental Advisors

Students in a tai-chi class in McGuffey.

Chief Departmental Advisors
Department CDA
Accountancy Jan Eighme
Advanced Writing Sara Webb-Sunderhaus
Aerospace Eric Eldridge
American Studies Sandra Garner
Anthropology Mark Peterson
Architecture and Interior Design Diane Fellows (Architecture)
Mary Ben Bonham(Interior Design)
Art Dennis Tobin
Botany Rich Moore
Business Legal Studies Paul Becker
Business Technology Ted Light
Chemical, Paper, and Biomedical Engineering Alim Dewan
Chemistry and Biochemistry Chemistry/Biochemistry Advising
Civic and Regional Development Kelli Johnson
John Forren
Classics Zara Torlone
Comparative Religion Nathan French
Computer and Information Technology Donna Evans
Marianne Murphy
Computer Science and Software Engineering

Norm Krumpe

Critical Race and Ethnic Studies

Tammy Brown

Economics Steve Elliott
Educational Leadership Kathleen Knight Abowitz
Educational Psychology Molly Kelly
Electrical and Computer Engineering Jeff Herdtner
Engineering Technology Ayo Abatan
English Gabriele Bechtel
English Studies Whitney Womack Smith
Entrepreneurship Jim Friedman
Environmental Sustainability Sarah Dumyahn (Energy, Sustainability)
David Gorchov(Environmental Science)
Family Science & Social Work Carolyn Slotten
Finance David Marshall
Forensic Science Janet Marshall
French and Italian Mark McKinney (French)
Andrea Righi (Italian)
Geography Susan Jakubowski
Geology and Environmental Earth Science Todd Dupont (A–M students)
Elisabeth Widom (N–Z students)
GRAMELAC Catherine Grimm (German)
Kazue Havada (East Asian Language and Japanese)
Haosheng Yang (East Asian Languages and Chinese)
Ben Sutcliffe (Russian, East European, and Eurasian)
History Helen Sheumaker
Information Systems and Analytics Jeffrey Merhout
Integrative Studies Leland Spencer
Interactive Media Studies Eric Hodgson
International Studies Charles Stevens
Justice and Community Studies Theresa Conover
Kinesiology and Health Jennifer Krauth
Latin American, Latino(a), and Caribbean Studies Walt Vanderbush
Management Rocco Manzo
Marketing Debbie Coleman
Mathematics Laura Anderson
Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Edgar Caraballo
Media, Journalism, and Film

Mack Hagood (Comparative Media Studies) 

Kerry Hegarty (Film Studies) 

Patti Newberry (Journalism)
Cheryl Gibbs (Journalism)

Ron Becker (Media and Culture Studies) 

Christe McKittrick (Strategic Communication)

Microbiology Rebecca Balish (Microbiology)
Marcia Lee (Medical Laboratory Science)
Music Greg Phillips
Naval Science Matthew Donahue
Nursing Debbie Beyer
Philosophy Chris King
Physics Stephen Alexander
Political Science Mark Morris (Political Science and PUblic Administration)
Laura Neack (Diplomacy and Global Politics)
Psychology Leonard Smart
Sociology and Gerontology Othello Harris (Sociology and Social Justice Studies)
Sara McLaughlin (Gerontology)
Spanish and Portuguese Marisol del Teso Craviotto 
Speech Pathology and Audiology Amber Franklin
Statistics Tom Fisher
Teacher Education Cathy Moore
Theatre Julia Guichard
Western Program Zackary Hill