Designing a Senior Capstone Experience

The Capstone Experience, completed near the end of baccalaureate studies, integrates liberal learning with specialized knowledge. Each Capstone emphasizes sharing of ideas, synthesis, and critical, informed reflection as significant precursors to action, and each includes student initiative in defining and investigating problems or projects.

Capstones may be completed in or outside students' majors; in some departments, the Capstone Experience may be a requirement of the major. All Capstones presume a significant scholarly background of specialized study in a major as well as in liberal education course work. In other words, a Capstone does more than culminate years of baccalaureate study: it culminates a student's liberal education.

A Capstone Experience is taken at Miami and completed in the senior year (minimum of 96 hours earned). Students who plan to transfer any course to meet the Capstone requirement must obtain permission from the Office of Liberal Education before they take the course.

A course being used to fulfill the Liberal Education Capstone requirement cannot be used simultaneously for any foundation, thematic sequence, advanced writing, or intercultural perspectives requirements. It can be used in the experiential learning requirement.

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The purpose of the self-designed Senior Capstone is to provide students with the opportunity to design a specialized Senior Capstone beyond those that are currently offered. Providing this opportunity, the university invites students to create a course of study reflective of requirements and goals represented by the Global Miami Plan and relevant to students' specific academic, professional, social, and political concerns. All components of the self-designed Senior Capstone must be completed before it will be reviewed, including the advisor(s) support. Please allow 7-10 business days for the petition to be processed after all materials have been received.

You must obtain the following to be uploaded as part of the proposal packet:

  1. Statement of Explanation—Upload a statement of explanation detailing the proposed capstone. Describe your goals and objectives, what you expect to learn, and how this course will enable you to accomplish your academic and intellectual goals and objective. Explain how this course will act as a culminating liberal education experience for you. Be sure to include any additional information that you feel would be helpful in reviewing your proposal.
  2. Degree Audit Report—Upload a current DAR with your proposal. Please be sure to print the detailed version of your DAR that lists which courses are meeting requirements.
  3. Contact information for Senior Capstone Faculty Advisor—You must select a faculty advisor for your capstone. It is expected that the faculty member work closely with you to develop your proposal and will oversee your work in the course. He/she must sign an authorization and may include a letter of support. We will send the authorization to your advisor after you submit the proposal. You must provide the faculty advisor's name, department, and Miami email address.

All components of the proposal must be turned in before it will be reviewed by the Director of Liberal Education.

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