ILDA User Manual - Administrative Functions

The following administrative functions are available when logged into your ILDA site by selecting the Admin drop down menu on the ride side of the top ribbon.

a. Document Images
This feature allows you to search through all images currently uploaded to ILDA. From this page you can search through existing images, see which document each image is linked to, and delete individual images.

b. Document Audio
Like the Document Images feature above, this feature allows you to search through all audio clips currently uploaded to ILDA, see which document audio clips are linked to, and delete individual audio clips.

c. Parts of Speech
This function lists all the parts of speech created to enable morpheme analysis in ILDA. From this menu, you can add new parts of speech, and edit or delete existing parts of speech.

d. Create Phrase
In addition to creating phrases through a batch upload using the ILDA template, you can also create individual phrases from within ILDA. This feature allows you to correct mistakes in original transcriptions, such as two phrases which were originally lumped into a single entry.

e. Create Stem
From this menu, you can add stems to your database. Note that what “Stems” are called in your database is customizable in the Settings menu described below.

f. Create Morpheme
From this menu, you can add individual morphemes to your database.

g. Manage Users
The Manage Users option allows an administrator to add, delete, or edit users of your ILDA database. To add a new user click the Admin button to open a drop-down menu, then click the Manage Users button. You should now see a list of current users, along with an Add New User button. Each user has an edit and delete icon alongside their username. When creating a new user, make sure that you select the appropriate role designation for the individual you are creating an account for. Users who are granted Admin-level access will have the ability to access the Settings and Manage Users under the Admin tab as well as manage all other aspects of the database. Maintainers, can fill fields and edit entries within ILDA, upload document, populate morpheme, stem, and parts of speech fields, but cannot edit users or access the Settings menu. Guest accounts are only used if you choose to place your ILDA site behind password protection. These accounts are for users who you want to be able to view, but not edit the database. If you do not place your site behind password protection, it is viewable on the web to anyone with the URL and Guest accounts are not necessary.

h. Settings
Within this tab, you can define the Organization Name, Target Language name, and add content to the About page and Contact page. From this menu you may also choose to place your ILDA site behind password protection. If you choose this option, you will need to make Guest accounts in the Manage Users menu for anyone you’d like to be able to view your database. From the Settings page you are also able to choose what file format you’d like to use tp upload your documents into your ILDA database, CSV or TSV.

i. Defining Fields
Within the Settings page, you are also able to define the field names for four fields: Stem, Morpheme, Phrase Keyword, Phrase Keyword Translation. These field titles are user-defined to accommodate for differences in linguistic and ethnographic description that may be dependent on community or language group.