ILDA User Manual - Troubleshooting

Below are some common problems ILDA users have reported and possible solutions. If you are having issues that aren’t covered here or are unable to resolve your problem, please create a Help Ticket through Miami University’s IT department by clicking on the green Get Help button on the webpage below:

Miami University IT Services ILDA Support

When filling out a Help Ticket, please provide as much information as possible and be sure to upload any relevant files. For example, if you are having trouble uploading a TSV of a document, be sure to attach it to your Help Ticket.

ILDA Glossary Table
Problem Solution
After uploading a document CSV/TSV to ILDA, information is displaying in the wrong fields in a phrase entry.

Check the upload CSV/TSV for any mistakes or misaligned columns. The presence of line breaks or [TAB] characters can also cause misalignment of upload TSVs and the presence of commas can cause the same for CSVs. If you used these characters during transcription you will need to remove them before uploading to ILDA.

The wrong image or audio is displaying with entries in ILDA

The wrong audio/image file is likely entered into the Audio Link or Image Name column in your spreadsheet. Ensure that the correct audio or image filename is associated with your phrase entries in your spreadsheet. From within ILDA, you can change what media files are associated with a phrase entry by clicking Manage Media from the phrase entry page when logged in.

No image or audio is associated with entries, but I know I uploaded media files for them

This is likely because the name of the audio or image file does not exactly match what is written in the Audio Link or Image Name columns in your upload CSV/TSV. Either check your spreadsheet or use the Manage Media feature to ensure that the audio or image filename is an exact match to what is entered in the phrase entry, including capitalization.

Special characters are not displaying properly on ILDA

This sometimes happens when exporting CSV/TSVs from Excel. Ensure that when you create your CSV/TSV using Excel that you are following the directions in the ILDA Spreadsheet Creation section. If you are using GoogleSheets or another spreadsheet editor to create your CSV/TSV and are having problems with special characters, please fill out a Help Ticket request that describes the problem you're having in detail.

I’m receiving an error message when trying to upload a CSV/TSV to ILDA

The most common causes for an error message when trying to upload are missing or duplicate line, page, or phrase numbers in your upload file. Ensure that every row in your spreadsheet has a unique line, page, and phrase number and that none are blank and try uploading again.

Another common problem is the presence of periods or spaces in your CSV/TSV filename. Make sure that your CSV/TSV filename does not have periods or spaces in it.

I’m receiving an error message when trying to upload audio or images to ILDA

Make sure any audio clips are in MP3 format.

Make sure there are no periods or spaces in your filenames.

The document image viewer in ILDA is not working properly

If using a macOS operating system, follow the instructions found at:

If you’re running into problems using a Windows or Linux computer, please fill out a Help Ticket. Be sure to include your operating system and what internet browser you’re using.