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Headline Highlights: Miami and Miamians in the news in August

Headline Highlights: Miami and Miamians in the news in August

 Compiled by university news and communications

Miami Media Highlights displays selected media placements of contributions by Miamians and the local and global impact of the university. Updated weekly, it is accessible on the Miami News website.

Our editors' picks for August provide a snapshot of recent news media coverage:, August 6: Eight steps for leaders navigating a PR crisis

  • Jaime Hunt, vice president and chief marketing and communications officer who sits on Forbes Communication Council, writes about ways to be prepared to manage a PR crisis effectively.

Yahoo News, MSN, France24, Washington Newsday and other outlets, Aug. 7-9: Tokyo hands Olympic baton to Beijing but virus, boycott calls weigh

  • Bo Li, assistant professor of sports management, is quoted in these stories about how Beijing Olympic 2022 organizers should take their cue from Tokyo in handling the COVID-19 threat. 

 InsideHigherEd, August 9: What we have learned from each other

  •  Retiring Native American mascots can create new relationships between colleges and Tribal Nations, write Doug Lankford, chief of the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma, and President Gregory Crawford.

 BBC World Service Radio, Aug. 9: Doping in eSports: The billion-dollar pill

  • Glenn Platt, C. Michael Armstrong Professor of Interactive Media Studies and Marketing, discusses how doping is a growing problem in the multi-billion industry of competitive online gaming, but remains an open secret.  

News Opener, August 9: Could the infrastructure bill make wildfires worse?

  • Jessica McCarty, associate professor of geography, is quoted in this story about the infrastructure bill, reforestation and fire resilience. 

CBSNews, MSN, Yahoo News, and Daily Magazine, Aug. 10:  Smoke from wildfires reaches North Pole for first time in recorded history

  • Jessica McCarty, associate professor of geography, is quoted in this story about how climate change is making wildfires in Siberia larger, affecting places farther to the north and consuming fuels that would have been more fire resistant in the past. 

Weekly Reviewer, Aug. 12: New AARP analysis shows nursing home vaccination rates in Ohio still fall short of benchmark

  • This story mentions that the AARP Nursing Home COVID-19 Dashboard was developed by Miami’s Scripps Gerontology Center in collaboration with the AARP. 

The Detroit News, Aug. 16: Local historian, author explores University of Michigan’s unique history in new book

  • Review of Sing to the Colors: A Writer Explores Two Centuries at the University of Michigan, a new book by James Tobin, professor of media, journalism and film.

Food Psych podcast, Aug. 16: Why we can’t fight weight stigma while also advocating for weight loss

  • Jeffrey Hunger, assistant professor of psychology, discusses weight stigma, weight loss, the role of critical thinking in taking down diet culture and more in this podcast interview (Note: this is a repost of a podcast episode that originally aired on April 8, 2019, when Hunger was a postdoctoral scholar at UCLA).

WKRC Channel 12, Aug. 17: The troop pullout in Afghanistan and what comes next 

  • Laura Neack, professor of political science, is interviewed in this short news segment about the Taliban and the troop pullout from Afghanistan., August 18: Former Enquirer reporter discusses time living, reporting in Haiti

  • Mark Curnutte, instructor of sociology and gerontology,discusses the conditions before and after the recent earthquake in Haiti., Aug. 19: 13 Words and phrases to banish from crisis communications

  • Jaime Hunt, vice president and chief marketing and communications officer, is among other Forbes Communication Council members who share a word or phrase they would not use in crisis communications., Aug. 23: 14 Ways leaders can boost empathy in the workplace

  • Miami University President Gregory Crawford is among other leaders who offer effective ways to boost empathy in the workplace. 

The Hill, Aug. 24: View from a fire scientist when the world is burning

  • Op-ed by Jessica McCarty, associate professor of geography, about climate change, wildfires and how we can manage fuels and prevent certain human-caused ignitions.

InsideHigherEd, Aug. 25: Who controls NYU Shanghai?

  • Jason Lane, dean of the College of Education, Health and Society, is quoted in this article about international branch campuses. 

The EvoLLLution, Aug. 30:   As higher education systems restructure, what big ideas might emerge to improve student success?

  • Jason Lane, dean pf the College of Education, Health and Society, writes about how sharing resources, student information and credentialing systems between institutions is essential to gaining and keeping enrollments in higher education.