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Miami Media Highlights, Sept. 27-Oct. 3

Miami Media Highlights, Sept. 27-Oct. 3

NPR WGBH (Boston), Oct. 3: Wil Haygood on his book Colorization: One Hundred years of Black Films in a White World (Part 1)

In this radio news program Wil Haygood, Boadway Distinguished Scholar of Media, Journalism and Film, discussesracist portrayals of Black Americans in film history. 

(Part 2) (Part 3)

 Cincinnati Business Courier, Oct. 3: Here’s what graduates of Cincinnati-area colleges can expect in midcareer salary

This article reports on Miami being ranked No. 1 among greater Cincinnati schools for median mid-career salaries. 

Journal News, Oct. 3: Faculty, alumni work is featured at Miami Art Museum’s latest exhibition

This article reports on the Department of Art faculty and alumni art exhibition being featured at Miami’s Art Museum. Jason Shaiman, curator of exhibitions, is quoted. 

Forbes, Oct. 1: Entrepreneurship Education For A Real-World Edge

Gregory Crawford, President of Miami University and professor of physics, wrote this article on entrepreneurship education. 

NPR WVXU, Oct. 1: Senate confirms Miami University’s Daryl Baldwin to the National Council on the Humanities

This article reports on Daryl Baldwin, adjunct assistant professor and director of Myaamia Center, being confirmed to the National Council on the Humanities. Baldwin is quoted. 

Community Blood Center, Oct. 1: Sisters Lead Comeback Year for Miami U. Greek Week Blood Drive

This article reports on Miami’s Greek Week blood drive. 

Scienmag, Sept. 30: Scientists use the glowing properties of plant cells to capture stunning images

This article reports on research by Robert Baker, assistant professor in biology on natural autofluorescence in plant species. Additional reports on this topic appeared in: 

Forbes, Sept. 30: 14 Top Tips for Brands Working on Messaging for Mobile Marketing

Jaime Hunt, vice president and chief marketing and communications officer, shares her tips on messaging for mobile marketing. 

Futurity, Sept. 29: Does Happiness Slow Down Cognitive Decline?

This article reports on research contributed by Sara McLaughlin, associate professor of sociology and gerontology, on the connection between happiness and cognitive function. 

Movers and Makers, Sept. 28: Cincinnati region has tools to become a high-tech hub of moving things

This article reports on Greater Cincinnati positioning to become a center of supply chain distribution. Lisa Ellram, professor of management, is quoted. 

Body and Soul, Sept. 28: ‘I swear by video games to unwind, here’s why you should try it too’

This article reports on video games being beneficial for mental health. Glenn Platt, professor of marketing is quoted. 

Journal News, Sept. 28: Miami University Art Museum hires new director who has worked around the world

This article reports on Miami hiring a new director and curator for the Art Museum, Dr. John “Jack” Green. 

Cincinnati Business Courier, Sept. 27: Budget approved for construction of $58M on-campus building

This article reports on Miami University’s board of trustees approving the budget for a the construction of a new data science building. 

Cincinnati Enquirer, Sept. 27: ‘The Office’ star Brian Baumgartner urges Miami U. students to get COVID-19 vaccine. Who’s next? 

This article reports on ‘The Office’ star, Brian Baumgartner’s message to Miami University students to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Additional reports on this topic appeared in: