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Miami Media Highlights, Nov. 22-Nov. 28

Miami Media Highlights, Nov. 22-Nov. 28

WCPO-CIN, Nov. 27: How to deal with grief  (TV) 

This broadcast reports on grief in children. Amity Noltemeyer, professor of Educational Psychology is featured.

ZME Science, Nov. 26: The Call of the Void: Why you sometimes feel like jumping from high places

This article reports on research on a phenomenon known as “the call of the void” , by April Smith, associate professor of Psychology. 

Cleveland Jewish News, Nov. 25: Lawmaker wants to give nursing homes $300 million

This article reports on federal funding for nursing homes to recover from COVID-19. Robert Applebaum, director of the Ohio Long-Term Care Research Project at the Scripps Gerontology Center and professor of Sociology and Gerontology is quoted.

Kokomo Perspective, Nov. 25: Gil Porter: Kokomo’s Native American Story

This article reports on Kokomo, a member of the Myaamia Tribe. George Ironstrack, assistant director of the Myaamia Center, is quoted.

Point2, Nov. 25: Missed Opportunity: What You Lost by Not Investing in Bitcoin or Real Estate [5-Year Analysis]

This article reports on investment in Bitcoin. Arthur Goncalves De Carvalho, assistant professor of Information Systems and Analytics, is quoted.

Journal-News, Nov. 24: More companies sign on to Miami University’s Work Plus program

This article reports on Miami University’s Work Plus program and its recent expansion. Miami University President Gregory Crawford, is quoted. 

Cincinnati Business Courier, Nov. 24: Universities offer far more than just a diploma, career path

This article written by Michael Conger, associate professor of Entrepreneurship, reports on Miami University offering more opportunities than just a diploma. 

WVXU, Nov. 24: Political discussion on Joe Biden presidency 

This broadcast reports on political experts' opinions of the last 10 months of Joe Biden’s presidency.  Anne Whitesell, associate professor of Political Science, is featured.

The Defender, Nov. 24: 73% of Americans Drink Fluoridated Water, But Debate About Safety Rages On

This article reports on fluoride in drinking water. A joint publication from the Miami University History department is mentioned. 

The National Tribune, Nov. 24: Increasing representation of girls and women in STEM and IT education 

This article discusses the impact Miami’s  programs, ‘Girls on the Go’ have in increasing representation of girls and women in STEM and IT education. Additional reports on this topic appeared in: 

Forbes, Nov. 22: Three Things To Consider For Your 2022 Communications Strategy 

This article written by Jaime Hunt, vice president and chief communications and marketing officer, reports on the important strategies that marketing teams should consider for the upcoming year. Additional reports on this topic appeared in: 

Stacker, Nov. 21: Colleges with the Best ROI in Ohio

This article reports on the colleges with the best return on investment in the state of Ohio. Miami Regionals rank among top ten.