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Miami Media Highlights Feb. 28 to March 6

Miami Media Highlights Feb. 28 to March 6

Journal News, March 6: Archdeacon: Blind date turns into remarkable vision for Miami receiver, girlfriend

This article reports on Jack Sorenson, Miami Redhawk’s Football Wide Receiver, and girlfriend, Paige Coffman and the campaign they created, Bench Press for Charity, to support Women Helping Women. Additional reports on this topic appeared in:

MSN, March 6: In Russia, thousands defy police threats to protest the invasion of Ukraine. Can it make a difference? 

This article reports on anti-war protests taking place in Russia condemning Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Hannah Chapman, Dawisha assistant professor in Political Science, is quoted. Additional reports on this topic appeared in: 

The Cincinnati Enquirer, March 5: Miami University is No. 7 seed in MAC Tournament

This article reports on the RedHawks win to earn the No. 7 seed in the Mid-American Conference tournament that begins on Thursday, when they will play No. 2 seed Kent State in the quarterfinals.

Caring Places, March 5: How Video Games can help Older Adults

This article reports on the benefits of gaming for senior citizens. Glenn Platt, Armstrong Professor of Network Technology and Management in Emerging Technology in Business + Design is quoted. 

NPR-WVXU, March 4: Vigil to ‘express solidarity and concern’ for Ukraine takes place Monday in West Chester

This article reports on a candlelight vigil that will be held to show support for the people of Ukraine. Laura Neak, professor of Political Science, will be speaking. Additional reports on this topic appeared in: 

Journal-News, March 4: Bluegrass performers Joe Mullins and the Radio Ramblers celebrate genre’s history with concert in Middletown today

This article reports on Miami University Regionals Appalachian Studies and Joe Mullins and the Radio Ramblers to  celebrate the launch of “Industrial Strength Bluegrass: Southwestern Ohio’s Musical Legacy,” with a concert event at Miami Regionals Middletown. Matthew Smith, Regional Director of Public Programming, is quoted. Additional reports on this topic appeared in: 

Journal-News, March 4: ‘The Topic’ event happening today offers community an opportunity to talk about Ohio politics

This article reports on Miami University Regionals Downtown Hamilton to host a number of ongoing education and enrichment opportunities for members of the community. John Vaughn, coordinator of Miami Hamilton Downtown Center, is quoted. 

Fordham Institute, March 3: The upside of the downward trend in college enrollment

This article reports on the decreased number of Americans going to college. Jason Lane, dean of the College of Education, Health and Society, is quoted. 

Washington Post, March 3: The trucker ‘convoys’ have roiled politics in Canada — and the U.S. Why that’s rare.

This editorial piece by Oana Godeanu-Kenworthy, associate teaching professor of Global and Intercultural Studies, outlines the history and differences of American and Canadian politics in relation to the  trucker convoys and protests. 

Yahoo! Finance, March 2: PsyBio Therapeutics Reports Annual 2021 Financial Results

This article is about how Miami University is opening a new laboratory space that will allow state-of-the-art research environments. Additional reports on this topic: 

Journal-News, March 2: American democracy is focus of events by Miami University’s Menard Family Center

This article reports on the Menard Family Center's upcoming events and workshops about examining the future of American democracy. 

WGBH, March 2: Nik Money on WGBH

This broadcast features Nik Money,  professor of Biology and director of the Western program, who discusses the importance of mold and fungi. 

WalletHub, March 2: Why do different states have such different car insurance requirements? 

This article, written by Karen D. Meyers, visiting assistant professor of Finance, discusses how car insurance is different in different states.

Dayton Daily News, March 1: Not just vodka: Russian imports to Ohio include steel fuel and ammo

This article is about how Nam Vu ,assistant professor of Economics, believes that the Ukraine vs Russia war is not going to have a huge effect on Ohio. 

The Washington Post, Feb. 28: Thousands of Russians are protesting against the war with Ukraine. Putin’s not likely to listen.

This article was written by Hannah S. Chapman,  Dawisha assistant professor of Political Science,  discussed what is happening right now in Ukraine and how Russia is responding to conversations for peace. Additional Reports on this topic: 

Journal-News, Feb. 28: Russia’s invasion hits hard for local educators with ties to Ukraine

This article discusses the emotional attachment that some Ohio professors have to what is going on in Ukraine. Miami University Regionals associate dean Liza Skyryzhevska is interviewed. 

Harvard Gazette, Feb. 28: Scholars inside Ukraine describe country determined to fight back

This article reports on a panel of five scholars discussing the war in Ukraine. The panel was hosted by Harvard and supported by multiple schools including Miami University’s Havighurst Center for Russian and Post-Soviet Studies. 

Ralph E, Feb. 28: Living in a Media World

This article reports on expert commentary from Rosemary Pennington, associate  professor of Media, Journalism, and Film, , about how journalists are reporting on the war in Ukraine compared to previous wars in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan.