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Miami Media Highlights July 25 to July 31

Miami Media Highlights July 25 to July 31

Journal News, July 31: $1M grant to support drug addiction prevention, mental health treatment in Oxford

This article reports on Miami University being among local entities to receive part of a $1M grant to support drug addiction prevention and mental health treatment. 

Forbes, July 29: Does Advertising Increase Happiness? A New Study Suggests The Answer Is Yes

This article highlights a recent study co-authored by Hannah  Lee, associate professor of Marketing that finds a positive correlation between advertising spending at the country level and happiness.

Education Week, July 28: ‘We Are Desperate, Too’: A Message From a Teacher-Educator

This op-ed, written by Leah Wasburn-Moses, professor of Educational Psychology, discusses steps that higher ed and K12 can take to help combat the teacher shortage and diversify the educator workforce.  

Inside Higher Ed, July 27: Student and Staff Wellness Needs

This media broadcast, which features Amity Noltemeyer, professor and associate dean of the Graduate School, discusses the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on students and staff. 

Business Insider, July 29: The 18 states sending out stimulus checks probably won’t make inflation worse - but they’re not the best solution to help people cope, economists say

This article reports on states’ providing stimulus checks to households to ease the burden of the current inflation rate. Jonathan Wolff, associate professor of economics, is quoted. 

Journal News, July 26: Miami football picked to win MAC East

This article reports on the Miami RedHawks football team being picked to win the Mid-American Conference East Division in the preseason media poll.