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Miami Media Highlights Oct. 31 to Nov. 6

Miami Media Highlights Oct. 31 to Nov. 6

WVXU, Nov. 7: The two Miamis mark 50 years of 'neepwaantiinki'

This article reports on the week-long series of events planned to celebrate the 50th anniversary of neepwaantiinki and the commemoration of the partnership between the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma and Miami University. Kara Strass, director of Miami Tribe Relations, is quoted. 

WGN, Nov. 6: Robert Thurston on Coffee

This TV broadcast reports on how Robert Thurston, professor emeritus of History, teaches about globalization through coffee.

Cincinnati Business Courier, Nov. 4: Amtrak’s planned Oxford station near Miami University gets funding

This article reports on the plan to reestablish Amtrak services in Oxford after receiving $2 million in federal funding. Construction is projected to begin in 2026.

Fortune, Nov. 4: I moved to New York and was laid off 8 months later. I’m not alone in fearing it will happen again.

This article reports on the effects being laid off can have on a person’s mental health. Darryl Rice, assistant professor of Management, is quoted. 

Spectrum News, Nov. 4: Oxford's Empty Bowls

This TV news broadcast reports on the Oxford’s Empty Bowls event to benefit local food pantries and eradicate hunger. Miami University ceramics students donate hundreds of bowls to the event each year.

The Washington Post, Nov. 4: TikTok’s #brownnoise is the latest push to quiet our stress-filled worlds Mack Hagood, the Robert H. and Nancy J. Blayney associate professor of Media and Communication, authored this piece about the use of noise as self-care and why we crave noise when what we may need is quiet.

WXIX-CIN, Nov. 3: Misinformation on Social Media

This TV news broadcast reports on how to spot misinformation on social media and features expert commentary from Kevin Reuning, assistant professor of Political Science.

The Cap Times, Nov. 2: More Wisconsin workers are organizing. How much leverage do they have?

This article is about the different private sectors in Wisconsin and features data gathered by Kevin Reuning, assistant professor of Political Science. 

WVXU, Nov. 2: Ohio increasing the minimum wage

This broadcast features Miami University professor of Economics Steven Elliott discussing the reasons for a possible wage raise in Ohio.