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Miami Media Highlights Dec. 5 to Dec. 11

Miami Media Highlights Dec. 5 to Dec. 11

Journal-News, Dec. 11: Miami University students helping relieve local school staffing shortages

This article reports on Miami University undergraduate teaching education students serving as substitute teachers in nearby school districts. Molly Sawyer, director of clinical and field placement in the College of Health, Education, and Society, is quoted. 

Journal-News, Dec. 11: Miami University students helping relieve local school staffing shortages

Molly Sawyer, EHS Director of Clinical Placements, was quoted in this story about Miami University undergraduate teaching students finding work in local classrooms as substitute teachers in short supply in Southwest Ohio.

Inside Higher Ed, Dec. 9: New Campaign Wants to Prove ‘College Is Worth It’

Jason Lane, Dean of the College of Education, Health, and Society, was quoted in this article about how higher education can drive social mobility and individual prosperity.

Miami Community News, Dec. 9: New World Symphony Announces I Dream a World: The Harlem Renaissance in Europe February 3 – 15, 2023

This article is able Dr. Tammy Kernodle Professor of Musicology at Miami University of Ohio and his help with his New World Symphony.

Spectrum News1, Dec. 9: World Cup in Qatar brings to light term 'sportswashing'

This article is about Qatar’s human rights record and the research that Adam Beissel, an assistant professor of Sport Leadership and Management.

Future Dimensions podcast, Dec. 8: Future Dimensions — What moves the world tomorrow?

Dennis Cheatham, associate professor of Art/Communication Design and graduate director in Experience Design, was interviewed about sci-fi and real-world innovation on episode 4 of the Future Dimensions podcast sponsored by Mercedes-Benz. 

NPR WVXU 91.7, Dec. 8: A bobcat in RedHawk territory? Why Miami says that’s a good thing

This broadcast reports on the positive implications associated with a bobcat sighting on Miami University’s Natural Areas. David Gorchov, professor of Biology, and Elea Cooper, senior Biology major, are quoted. 

Dayton Daily News, Dec. 6: Miami preparing for third straight bowl game after ‘grinding’ regular season

This reports on the Miami University football team being invited to their third straight bowl appearance after the up and down season the team encountered. 

Cincinnati Business Journal, Dec. 5: Miami University Art Museum renamed following transformational gift from Richard and Carole Cocks

This article reports on the Miami University Art Museum being renamed in honor of  longtime donors Richard and Carole Cocks.

ABC WCPO-CIN Ch. 9, Dec. 5: Cincinnati State Partnership

This TV news broadcast reports on the partnership formed between Cincinnati State and Miami University. Cincinnati State will offer classes from Miami Regionals’ Middletown campus starting in fall 2023. Additional reports on this topic appeared in:

Journal-News, Dec. 7: Home-grown Hispanic school official now liaison for youth new to Fairfield

This article reports on Fairfield High School assistant principal and Miami alumnus Ricardo Calles ’17, an El Salvadoran immigrant who – after achieving personal and professional success through the English Language Learner (ELL) program – now serves as an advocate for a growing Hispanic population.

Spectrum News 1, Dec. 9: World Cup in Qatar brings to light term 'sportswashing'

Adam Beissel, assistant professor of Sport Leadership and Management, discusses sportswashing – an attempt to distract from, minimize, or normalize wrongdoing through engagement in sport – as it applies to the World Cup in Qatar.