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Miami Media Highlights Jan. 30-Feb. 5

Miami Media Highlights Jan. 30-Feb. 5

Washington Post, Feb. 3: Femicide is up. American history says that’s not surprising

Kimberly Hamlin, James and Beth Lewis professor of History, wrote this Perspective article about how reversing the rising tide of femicide requires understanding its deep roots in the United States.

Times Higher Education, Feb. 2: A guide to the dos and don’ts of international partnerships

In this co-authored article, Jason Lane, dean of the College of Education, Health, and Society, discusses how to navigate cultural issues as more universities seek to internationalize and expand their physical footprint around the globe.

Dayton Daily News, Feb 2: Oxford’s use of pandemic relief funds includes economic development outside university

This article reports on where Oxford will be allocating its pandemic relief funds in order to support economic development. Oxford will be directing $600,000 toward the College@Elm project, which will be a workforce innovation center supported by Miami University. This story also appeared in:

WLWT5, Feb. 2: Freedom Center hosting Black History month panel on Black Wellness and Black Resistance

This article is about an event taking place at the Freedom Center in Cincinnati. Rodney Coates, professor of Critical Race and Ethnic Studies, Global and International Studies at Miami University, will be featured as one of the panelists.

WVXU, NPR, Feb. 1: The Miami Tribe’s partnership with Miami University helps revive ‘silent stories’

WVXU, NPR, Feb. 2: This parent reclaimed her heritage because of where her son went to college

These stories are part of a series about the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma’s annual Winter Gathering held Jan. 27-29 and the more than 100 Miami University students and staff who traveled to Oklahoma to participate.  George Ironstrack, assistant director of the Myaamia Center at Miami University, is quoted. 

Journal-News, Feb 1: Local Black History Month events begin today

This article reports on the events happening in the area to celebrate the start of Black History Month. Miami University’s Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion will be hosting a Black Excellence Scholars Series and launching a new website, “Lived Experiences: Race at Miami University,” to commemorate the beginning of Black History Month. 

Journal-News, Feb 1: Oxford Black History Tour may be done in-person or online

This article reports on the Black History Tour that Oxford and Miami University have partnered on. The self-guided tour, which is available in-person or remotely, educates tourists on significant landmarks, hardships, and accomplishments in the area. 

WSVN , Jan 31: Miami of Ohio on WSVN-MIA (FOX) - Miami, FL

This Source reports on the Miami University football team traveling to Miami, Florida, to play their season opener versus the University of Miami.