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Excellence and Expertise

The Wrap-Up: March

Authors, Accolades, and Achievements

Excellence and Expertise

The Wrap-Up: March

Gregory Crawford, president of Miami University, is co-editor of Flexible Flat Panel Displays (Wiley Series in Display Technology) 2nd Edition, published in February by Wiley.

Amy Roberts, associate professor of Family Science and Social Work, is the recipient of the Rose Dobrof Award for the article, "Barriers to Psychosocial Care in Nursing Homes as Reported by Social Services Directors," published in the Journal of Gerontological Social Work.

Judy Alston has been named the new chair of Miami’s Department of Educational Leadership.

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine has invited Kate Kuvalanka, professor of Family Science and Social Work, to speak at the Forum for Children’s Well-Being in Washington, D.C. on April 25.

Sujay Sabnis, assistant professor of Educational Psychology, was awarded the 2022 Article of the Year for a publication in School Psychology Review, the official journal of the National Association of School Psychologists. Sabnis was also recognized as Reviewer of the Year for the Journal of Educational and Psychological Consultation. 

Now in its 10th year, the Stats+Stories podcast recently produced its 300th episode. To celebrate, podcast hosts John Bailer and Rosemary Pennington featured Statistics Behind the Headlines book giveaway by inviting listeners to enter a data visualization contest.

Tammy Kernodle, University Distinguished Professor of Music, wrote a review of “Musical Crossroads: Stories Behind the Objects of African American Music,” published in March by the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture.

John Forren, chair and associate professor of Justice and Community Studies and director of the Menard Family Center for Democracy, will step down as chair of the department at the end of the academic year to focus more on his political science interests as well as the management of the Menard Center. Marianne Cotugno, professor of English and of Languages, Literatures, and Writing, will serve as interim chair. 

Michelle Buchberger, associate professor of Interdisciplinary and Communication Studies, has been invited to provide two encyclopedia entries: “Interdisciplinary Studies” and “Critical Interdisciplinarity” for the “Encyclopedia of Interdisciplinarity and Transdisciplinarity.” She and Julia Pond, senior academic advisor at the Regionals, have been invited to contribute a chapter for the “Handbook of Interdisciplinary Teaching and Administration.”

Mark Krekeler, associate professor of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, and his team had a paper published in Environmental Earth Sciences — the final publication of their remote sensing research for emergency response. This effort was funded by a $547,000 National Institute of Justice grant and represents more than seven years of extensive collaboration with Miami Regionals students, alumni, technicians, nonprofit, and business collaborators. 

Dominik Konkolewicz, professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, and Rick Page, professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry and associate vice president for research and innovation, received $93,981 from the U.S. Army for a project entitled "Design of Robust and Responsive Protein-Polymer Bioconjugates Guided by Magnetic Resonance.”

Mert Bal, chair and associate professor of Engineering Technology, received $156,043 from the Ohio Department of Higher Education for the project entitled "Upgrading Manufacturing Laboratory Infrastructure for Development of Manufacturing Workforce in Ohio." Bal also received $45,000 from Lorain County Community College, pass-through funds from the Department of Defense, for the project entitled "Ohio TechNet Defense Industrial Base (DIB) STEM Consortium."

Sara M. Acevedo, assistant professor of Educational Psychology, received $50,000 from the Ford Foundation Disability Rights Program for a project titled, “Neurodiversity Activism: Self-directed cultural spaces for neurodivergent people.”

Jing Li, associate professor of Economics, received $20,000 from the Ohio Business Roundtable for the project entitled "Empirical Analysis of the Average Tax Rate of Local Taxes on the Economic Competitiveness of Ohio Communities."

John Bowblis, professor of Economics and research affiliate for Scripps Gerontology Center,  and Robert Applebaum, director of the Long-Term Care Research Project, received $24,995 from the New York State Health Facilities Association for the project entitled "Workforce and Quality Challenges in New York Nursing Homes."

Melany Fisk, professor of Biology, received $21,910 from the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies, pass- through funds from the National Science Foundation, for a project entitled "LTER: Long-term research at Hubbard Brook."

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