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Miami Media Highlights April 8-14

Miami Media Highlights April 8-14

Journal-News, April 13: Miami’s grad programs named among nation’s best
U.S. News & World Report ranks multiple Miami University programs among the nation’s best in its annual graduate school rankings.

The Conversation, April 12: ‘I’m not black, I’m O.J.’: What O.J. Simpson’s life showed about transcending race and being trapped by it
Rodney Coates, professor of Critical Race and Ethnic Studies, writes on the life and death of O.J. Simpson following his death on April 11.

NBC News, April 12: Lao Gan Ma was in fridges long before Momofuku's chili crunch was in headlines
This article highlights a popular chili condiment and the competition in the marketplace. Anita Mannur, professor of English, weighs in on the rise of popularity of what has been a kitchen staple for many Asian cooks.

The Not Old-Better Show, Smithsonian Associates, April 12: Unseen Allies: The Secret World of Fungi, Mushrooms & Mold Shaping Our Health
This podcast episode features Nicholas Money, professor of Biology, as he discusses his newly published book, “Molds, Mushrooms and Medicines: Our Lifelong Relationships with Fungi.” 

The Conversation, April 11: Taxes are due even if you object to government policies or doubt the validity of the 16th Amendment’s ratification
This article written by Michele Frank, associate professor of Accountancy, highlights tax deniers, tax protestors, and the actions of the government.

The Conversation, April 11: Elephant tourism often involves cruelty – here are steps toward more humane, animal-friendly excursions
This article written by Michelle Szydlowski, visiting assistant professor for Project Dragonfly, uncovers elephant tourism and the damage these popular excursions bring to the animals and the residents living in the area.

Journal-News, April 11: New Miami U. early college program has high school grads earning 2 diplomas this spring
This article highlights the two-year-old experimental program designed to speed local high school students to a Miami University associate degree. There are about 19 high school students graduating this spring with a high school diploma and college degree. Alicia Justice, director of dual credit programs for Early College Academy, is quoted.

Washington Post, April 10: Gen Z workers can take criticism. You’re just phrasing it wrong.
This article highlights how Gen Z workers communicate and respond to workplace critique. Megan Gerhardt, professor of Management and Leadership, explains that Gen Z workers expect instant feedback in the workplace as they have grown accustomed to getting immediate information. 

Yahoo News, April 10: Arizona Supreme Court Greenlights Near-Total Abortion Ban, Making November Ballot Fight Existential
The Arizona Supreme Court ruled to reenact an abortion law from 1864. Anne Whitesell, assistant professor of Political Science, weighs in, stating that if Arizona wants to make significant changes, it needs to be placed on the ballot.

Wallet Hub, April 9: What makes a car either cheap or expensive to insure?
Yao “Henry” Jin, associate professor of Supply Chain Management, provides insight into car insurance and the factors that drive the cost to insure a vehicle.

CBS-WKRC, Ch. 12, April 9: Eclipse Across America
This clip shows the moment of totality as broadcasted by WKRC Local12 on Miami’s Oxford campus. Additional eclipse coverage appeared on NPR-WVXU, WCPO, CBS National Weather Desk, and CBS-WKRC, among other outlets.

FOX-National Weather Desk, April 8: Avoiding Fake Eclipse Glasses
Yao “Henry” Jin, associate professor of Supply Chain Management, warns against counterfeit eclipse glasses.