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Miami Media Highlights May 6-12

Miami Media Highlights May 6-12

New York Times, May 12: Disabled Adults Shouldn’t Have to Pay This Price to Marry
Pepper Stetler, professor of Art History, wrote this column on Supplemental Security Income, a federal program for people with little to no income and assets who have a disability or are over the age of 65.

CBS-WKRC, Ch. 12,  May 12: Miami softball heading to Knoxville Regional in NCAA tournament
This news story reports that the Miami University softball team won the Mid-American Conference and is headed to the NCAA Regional tournament.

Oxford Observer, May 9: Miami’s therapy dog program continues to benefit student wellbeing
Melanie Uy, associate director for multicultural initiatives for the Student Counseling Service, is quoted in this story on Miami’s dog therapy program.

PBS-KPBS, May 8: POMPEII: THE NEW DIG (New Series Premiere)
PBS is releasing a new series on the excavation of Pompeii. In episode 2, “Escape,” scheduled to premiere on May 22, Steven Tuck, professor of History, joins the team to look for evidence of Pompeiians who might have survived the eruption of AD 79.

The Revealer, May 8: From Ms. Marvel to Ramy: Muslims in American Media
This article shares an excerpt from “Pop Islam: Seeing American Muslims in Popular Media,” a new book written by Rosemary Pennington, associate professor of Journalism. 

Coffee Talk, May 6: Scientists Pour Scorn on Mushroom Coffee, the Latest 'Healthy' Food Trend
Nicholas Money, professor of Biology, weighs in on the new fad of mushroom coffee. Money would like to see the science behind these products. He does not believe consumers are being harmed but does say that the placebo effect is powerful.