The Kissing Bug gets 'Fresh Air'
Miamians heard a familiar voice on national airways June 8 when the music receded and famed NPR journalist Terry Gross introduced “Fresh Air” and the topic du jour: the kissing bug. Formally known as triatomine bugs, these blood sucking insects can carry the T. cruzi parasite that causes Chagas disease — a disease that killed the aunt of Daisy Hernández, associate professor of English, and inspired her to write The Kissing Bug: The True Story of a Family, an Insect, and a Nation's Neglect of a Deadly Disease. It’s that book — seven years in the making — that found Hernández interviewed by Gross this week, living out a personal dream while telling her family’s story.
The Miami University Art Museum Welcomes New Director
The Miami University Art Museum Announces Dr. Jack Green as the new Jeffrey Horrell 75 & Rodney Rose Director and Chief Curator of the Miami University Art Museum.
Engineering success: Three sisters find a home in Miami’s College of Engineering and Computing
Laura, Elsa and Allison Jacob are all majoring in engineering at Miami University, but each sister has carved her own path.
Tammy Kernodle and David Berg named University Distinguished Professors
Tammy Kernodle, professor of musicology, and David Berg, professor of biology and professor of biological sciences, have been awarded the title of University Distinguished Professor .
Inclusive, innovative and relevant: Miami University Symphony Orchestra weekly concert video series dedicated to diversity
“We gather together in music" was inspired by events after the death of George Floyd. “Each performance involves a multidisciplinary element and pays homage to a specific group or program in our community,” Averbach said.
Miami Online rolls out two new master’s programs to meet growing demand
The master's in entrepreneurship and emerging technology and master's of science in management bolster the offerings of Miami Online, a new website housing online undergraduate, graduate, and professional educational opportunities.
Miami University's game design, software engineering and creative writing programs ranked Top Picks by Intelligent.com
Three of Miami University’s degree programs were rated among the best of their kind in the country in a recent ranking by Intelligent.com.
Assistant Professor of Art History receives ASG Affordable Education Leader Award
Assistant Professor of Art History Dr. Annie Dell'Aria receives ASG Affordable Education Leader Award for building an educational resource website.
Miami University's Three Minute Thesis (3MT) competition winners
Caroline Reges, Obed Dodo, Charles Xie and Anindita Laz Banti placed in the top three, and People's Choice in the Miami University Three Minute Thesis competition held Feb. 24.