In the Galleria: Brent Billingsley, ARTE show through October 13
Works by Miami University alumnus and artist Brent Billingsley are featured in the Galleria of the Miriam G. Knoll Campus and Community Center through October 13 on the Middletown campus.
Art Museum announces new staff, new exhibition
The Miami University Art Museum staff is excited to present this exhibition in collaboration with the Department of Art. Every four years, the quadrennial exhibition provides current and emeritus faculty, along with alumni from the past 50 years, with the opportunity to showcase work created since 2017.
Miami University's newest degrees and majors tap into industry expertise
Headline-making terms like cybersecurity, game design and urban development are prominent in Miami University’s newest majors and degrees.
FOCUS gives the Miami community a chance to explore major topics with a closer look
There will be many ways to join the discussion in this year’s inaugural theme, Race and Racial Justice. It offers an exploration of race as a social concept and racism as a powerful and persistent feature of societies and social institutions, including Miami.
"Industrial Strength Bluegrass" - an initiative of Miami Regionals Appalachian Studies program - is nominated for 2021 Album of the Year by the International Bluegrass Music Association
'Industrial Strength Bluegrass" was nominated this week for 2021 Album of the Year by the International Bluegrass Association (IBA). The landmark recording on the Smithsonian Folkways label was produced by local musician and broadcaster Joe Mullins in March, in a collaboration with the Miami University Regionals Appalachian Studies program.
Did you know Miami offers a variety of fully online graduate degrees and certificates?
Did you know that Miami University offers eight fully online graduate degree programs and four graduate certificates through Miami Online? Programs are open to degree and non-degree seeking students.
The College of Creative Arts Celebrates the Career of MUAM Director
Miami University Art Museum Director, Dr. Robert S. Wicks, leaves a lasting legacy for the Miami community.
The Kissing Bug gets 'Fresh Air'
Miamians heard a familiar voice on national airways June 8 when the music receded and famed NPR journalist Terry Gross introduced “Fresh Air” and the topic du jour: the kissing bug. Formally known as triatomine bugs, these blood sucking insects can carry the T. cruzi parasite that causes Chagas disease — a disease that killed the aunt of Daisy Hernández, associate professor of English, and inspired her to write The Kissing Bug: The True Story of a Family, an Insect, and a Nation's Neglect of a Deadly Disease. It’s that book — seven years in the making — that found Hernández interviewed by Gross this week, living out a personal dream while telling her family’s story.
The Miami University Art Museum Welcomes New Director
The Miami University Art Museum Announces Dr. Jack Green as the new Jeffrey Horrell 75 & Rodney Rose Director and Chief Curator of the Miami University Art Museum.