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Miami Media Highlights, Sept. 20-Sept. 26


ABC WEWS Ch. 5, Sept. 25: Nursing home staff shortage

This news segment reports on the nursing home staff shortage in Ohio due to the COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Robert Applebaum, professor of sociology and gerontology, is quoted.

The Columbus Dispatch, Sept. 23: Ohio State enrollment hits Columbus campus record: 61, 677 students

This article about Ohio State mentions a 6.9% increase in  minority enrollment at Miami. 

Fox Chattanooga, Sept. 21: Start shopping now: Experts say supply chain issues could cause holiday shortages

This article reports on supply chain issues and product shortages. Henry Jin, associate professor of management, is quoted. Additional reports on this topic appeared in:

Newsakmi, Sept. 21: How Social Media is Fueling Protests against Campus Sexual Assault

This article reports on the growing influence of digital activism. Katherine S. Cho, assistant professor of educational Leadership is quoted.

Yahoo News, Sept. 20: Miami University unveils $10 million renovation of nursing learning facility on Hamilton campus

This article reports on the Miami Regionals renovations of the new nursing learning and training facility. Brooke Flinders, chair and associate director of nursing, is quoted. Additional reports on this topic appeared in:

Thrive Global, Sept. 20: Dr. Phil Smith of Miami University: “Make preventive care affordable, for everyone”

This article reports on making healthcare, including preventive care, affordable. Phil Smith, assistant professor of kinesiology and health, is quoted.