First Destinations (Alumni Placement)

The First Destinations reports provide educational and career placement information for alumni who graduated with a bachelor's or graduate degree during the previous academic year. Graduates who are employed, serving in the military, serving in a volunteer or service program, or enrolled by December 31 are counted as successfully placed. Placement information is based on data from numerous sources, including online surveys, phone surveys, national databases, data from Miami University offices, direct employer confirmation, and public sources.


Population: Alumni who graduated during the previous academic year

Topics: Post-graduation educational and career placement

Related Surveys: Graduation Survey

Years Available (by graduation year):

  • Oxford Bachelor's Graduates: 2012-13 through 2019-20
  • Regional Campus Bachelor's Graduates: 2013-14 through 2019-20
  • Master's and Doctoral Graduates: 2014-15 through 2019-20

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2012-2013 Graduates

Post-Graduation Institutions Attended by 2012-13 Oxford Campus Bachelor's Degree Recipients

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