Request a Survey Sample

The Office of Institutional Research provides assistance to individuals who are conducting surveys, focus groups, or other similar projects for research or assessment purposes. If you are conducting research or assessment at Miami University, the Office of Institutional Research can provide contact information for random samples of students, alumni, faculty or staff.

While not required, it is recommended that individuals who are administering large surveys or assessments (i.e., invitations sent to 100+ individuals from Miami) either obtain the project sample from the Office of Institutional Research or, at a minimum, notify Institutional Research of the project. Miami students, faculty, staff, and alumni receive multiple requests each semester to participate in research projects and assessments. Collaborating with Institutional Research can increase your response rates by reducing the likelihood of participants receiving invitations to multiple projects at the same time.

To request a random sample of emails for your project, please use the Sample Request Form. Before submitting your request, please review the Sample Request Guidelines. If you have an IRB approval letter, please have it available for upload when you complete the request form.

Sample Request Form