Sample Request Guidelines

The Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness (OIRE) can provide contact information for random samples of students, faculty or staff for research, assessments, or other projects.

Before contacting OIRE, please review the following guidelines.

  1. Samples versus populations: OIRE will provide random samples of students/faculty/staff rather than contact information for an entire population (e.g., every student). Please identify an appropriate sample size for your request.
  2. Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval: If appropriate, projects must have IRB approval before sample information will be provided. Please note that many assessment projects, even though they are exempt from full IRB Review, still require IRB screening to approve their exempt status. If you are unsure whether your project requires IRB approval, visit Miami University’s Human Subjects Research website.
  3. Requests from individuals who are external to Miami: Non-Miami researchers must provide OIR with either 1) a copy of the IRB approval letter from their home institution and a letter from Miami’s IRB indicating that the approved protocol was shared with the Miami IRB, or 2) a protocol approval letter from Miami’s IRB. Even with IRB approval, samples to external researchers are provided at OIRE’s discretion; not all requests are fulfilled. If a sample from Miami is vital to your research, we recommend contacting OIRE early in your project design process. Non-Miami researchers who are collaborating with Miami faculty or staff should have the Miami-affiliated researcher submit the request to OIRE.
  4. Undergraduate class projects: OIRE will not release contact information for research being conducted as part of an undergraduate class project unless prior arrangements have been made with the course instructor. If you anticipate that students in your class will need to obtain contact information from OIRE for class research, please contact prior to the start of the semester to discuss this need ( or 513-529-1660).
  5. Limited sample availability: OIRE tries their best to accommodate all requests. However, to ensure that researchers obtain a reasonable response rate, OIRE will restrict the number of research/assessment requests that are sent to students, faculty, and staff each semester. Requests for contact information will be completed on a first-come, first-served basis.
  6. End-of-semester data collection: OIRE will not release contact information for projects that are conducted during the last two weeks of each semester (the week before finals week and during finals week).