Application Next Steps

Pending a review and decision on the residency application submitted, students will be expected to make full payment, including non-resident fees, by the appropriate payment due date. Payment deadlines cannot be waived or extended while the residency review is being completed. Students may opt to pay by using a payment plan.

After the review of the application is complete, students will be sent an email of the decision.

Classifications or exemptions for residency may be temporary (for one semester only) or permanent. If a classification or exemption is temporary, this will be listed in the “Guidelines and Apply” section for that classification or exemption.

Decisions made or documentation requested in regards to residency from another Ohio public university/college does not necessitate a similar decision or request at Miami University.

Additional Information Needed

If additional information is needed, one email will be sent to the student at their Miami email address (or for incoming students, the email address provided on their application) advising what documentation must be submitted to complete a review. Failure to provide this documentation by the final application deadline date for the term will result in their application for residency to be denied.

It is the student’s responsibility to obtain any requested documentation needed to complete the review of their application for residency. All missing documentation being requested needs to be submitted to the university before  the published deadline date for review.


Approval of an application is not retroactive and will only be applicable to the semester/term in which the application was made. If non-resident charges have been paid for the semester and your application is approved, a credit will be applied to your account.

If out-of-state tuition charges have been paid for the semester and you have  been approved for in-state residency, you  will receive a refund for that term as a credit on your account.

If you are receiving financial assistance, your aid will be reviewed. Adjustments may occur as a result of being reclassified as an in-state student for tuition purposes.


If an application is denied for the semester/term application is made, you can refile an application for the following semester if your situation has changed to warrant a review.