Application Instructions

Carefully read all instructions and complete the application fully. When filling out the application, you will be required to select which classification applies to your circumstances. Applications that do not indicate a desired classification are incomplete and will not be reviewed. Note that the application is considered an official document, and any falsification or purposeful omission on the application could be cause for your removal from the University in accordance with Miami University’s Code of Student Conduct.

When applying for residency, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Document your residence beginning one year preceding the date you began living in Ohio through the present.
  • Explain and document all sources of your support. The minimum required documentation is listed in the Classifications section below. Additional documentation may be requested.
  • If you are an independent student, you must complete questions 11 and 12 of the application. Fill in the total amounts of your income and expenses for the 12-month period immediately preceding the semester for which you are requesting reclassification. While completing question 11, keep in mind that documentation must be submitted for all sources of financial support you received, used, or anticipate using or receiving during this 12-month period.
  • Sign the application and have it notarized. Applications lacking the signature and notarization are incomplete and will not be reviewed. A notary is available in the One Stop at 301 S. Campus Avenue, Oxford, OH.

Additional information or documentation may be requested to satisfy state auditors upon their review of the applicant’s file.