Banner Waitlisting

What is Banner Waitlisting?

Banner Waitlisting is a feature that allows students to “get in line” for a spot in a class that’s full. Departments may also use waitlist information to determine when additional sections of a class are needed.

What classes have Banner Waitlists available?

When performing a course search in BannerWeb you can determine if a course has waitlisting available if the “WL Cap” column has a value greater than 0 (usually 999). The WL Act column reflects the number of students who are currently on the waitlist awaiting a seat in the course. 

Banner Waitlist

Additionally, when visiting the Course List online, you can add an additional filter by selecting Advance Search and then selecting Waitlist Courses, from the Open/Wait List section.

How do I add myself to a waitlist for a course?

  1. Go to the “Registration/Change of Schedule” area of BannerWeb. If a course is full and a waitlist is available, the “Status” column will display a “Closed - # Waitlisted” message.

    Screenshot of course status shown as closed

  2. In the “Action” column, choose the “Waitlisted” option and then select the “Submit Changes” button

    Screenshot showing how to submit waitlisted classes

  3. The “Status” column will now display a “Waitlisted on” message that includes the date you were added to the waitlist.

    Screenshot showing course has been added to the waitlist

How will I be notified if a seat becomes available?

An email notification will be sent to your Miami email account. The email will be from and the subject line will be “Waitlist Notification for <CourseCRN>”.

How do I register once I am notified?

  1. Go to the “Registration/Change of Schedule” area of BannerWeb.
  2. In the “Action” column, choose the “Web Registered” option and then select the “Submit Changes” button.

How long will I have to register once a seat becomes available?

You have 24 hours to register once a seat becomes available. The notification email will include the time that your saved seat expires.

What if I don’t register in that 24 hour period?

If there are other students on the waitlist, the next person will be notified. You can add yourself back to the waitlist for the course if you aren’t able to register within 24 hours of receiving the notification.

Can I put myself on multiple waitlists for different sections of the same course?

No, you may only add yourself to the waitlist for one section of a particular course.