Registration Override

What is a Registration Override Request (ROR)?

The ROR is used by students to:

  • Request a seat in a course that is closed and not utilizing a waitlist or
  • Request a seat in a course that is open but inaccessible to the student due to registration errors.

See the Registration Override (ROR) Student Guide for more information.

How do I know if the course I want to request is ROR eligible?

A list of departments currently utilizing ROR, and general information about the application are available by clicking on the > next to “Registration Override Request Instructions” at the top of the Course List page. Courses requested that are not listed here will not be acted upon.

What information should I include in “Additional Information” text box?

You should include any information that would be helpful for the reviewer to make a decision on your request(s). This may include needing the course to graduate, not currently having a prerequisite for the course, or receiving a major restriction error message.

If I am denied for a section of a course, can I request the same section again?

No. You may not resubmit a request if you are denied. You may request other sections that have not been previously requested, but if you are denied for all sections, you should contact your academic advisor to explore additional course options.

How long will it take for my request to be reviewed?

Review times vary by department.

How do I join waitlist if the class I wanted doesn’t use ROR?