Registration Override

What is a Registration Override Request (ROR)?

The ROR is used by students to:

  • Request a seat in a course that is closed and not utilizing a waitlist or
  • Request a seat in a course that is open but inaccessible to the student due to registration errors (e.g., prerequisite/test score not met, major/minor/thematic restrictions, time conflicts, etc).

How do I know if the course I want to request is ROR eligible?

There are only a few courses that do not use either ROR or Banner Waitlist. This information along with other general information about the application is available by clicking on the > next to “Registration Override Request Instructions” at the top of the Course List page.

How do I submit a ROR?

  1. Log in to the Course List.
  2. Search for the course you wish to request.
  3. Click on the “Submit Registration Override Request” link in the “Enrollment/Capacity” column.
  4. Rank the course sections in order of preference. You are not required to rank every section unless there is only one section of the course available.
  5. Answer the questions and provide a reason for your request. All fields are required and will assist the department in understanding and reviewing your request.
  6. Authorize the department reviewer to view your degree audit and academic transcript by checking the box next to the authorization statement (required to proceed with the request).
  7. You will receive a message at the top of the application and an email when you successfully submit your request.
  8. If you need to adjust your request, go to the “Requests” tab at the top of the page to edit or delete a pending request. You will receive an email each time you edit or delete a pending request.
  9. You will receive an email when your request is approved or denied. Please note that departments have different timeframes for reviewing and approving/denying requests. You can review the status of your request at any time on the “Request” tab.

What happens if my request is approved but I receive an email that I have not been added?

If you receive an email titled ‘URGENT-Registration Override Request Error’ your request was approved, but there was an error when trying to add you to the course. There are a few reasons this may occur and you are required to take action before the course will be added to your registration.If you do not resolve the error and/or contact the course department once the error is resolved, you will not be added to the course.

Below are barriers that will not allow the registration add:

  • Maximum hours exceeded 
  • Campus Restriction
  • Level Restriction
  • Holds prevent registration
  • Duplicate Course
    • You are already registered for another section of the course. If you wish to be added to the section of your ROR submission, you will need to drop your current section of the course.

What information should I include in the “Additional Information” text box?

You should include any information that would be helpful for the reviewer to make a decision on your request(s). This may include needing the course to graduate, not currently having a prerequisite for the course, or receiving a major restriction error message.

If I am denied for a section of a course, can I request the same section again?

No. You may not resubmit a request if you are denied. You may request other sections that have not been previously requested, but if you are denied for all sections, you should contact your academic advisor to explore additional course options.

How long will it take for my request to be reviewed?

Review times vary by department.

Do I need to take any action after my request is approved?

Approved Registration Override Requests will override time conflicts. Log into BannerWeb, check your schedule, and resolve any time conflicts created by your approved ROR.