Miami: A Purple Star Campus

The Collegiate Purple Star logo overlaid on Miami Veterans Memorial challenge coins

Miami University was among the first group of Ohio colleges and universities designated as Collegiate Purple Star campuses for its efforts to support students with military backgrounds. Ohio was the first state in the nation to offer these designations.

Miami adheres to the national Principles of Excellence program by providing up-front information to veterans and military-affiliated students about the total cost of educational programming, giving an educational plan and timeline, allowing for absences due to service obligations for active-duty service members and reservists, and assigning points of contact that provide ongoing academic and financial support.

In addition to Miami Regionals Center for Veterans Services, the One Stop has dedicated staff to support military-affiliated students and their families by developing mentoring programs, chairing university organizations, providing graduation honor cords, and participating in monthly online training and meetings with the Veterans Benefits Administration.

Miami gives priority registration to its veterans and military-affiliated students to allow them first choice in course selection. Miami also offers Green Zone Training to faculty and staff that provides education about military culture and the struggles veterans may face as they transition from active duty service to college life. The program was created in 2016 by student veterans Adam Rose and Phillip Carr with assistance from Miami staff members.

The state of Ohio has a long tradition of serving its military-connected population (veterans, service members, spouses, and their dependents) at public and independent colleges and universities. Recognizing the unique and important needs of this population, the Collegiate Purple Star aims to provide special recognition to our public and independent colleges and universities in Ohio that are particularly supportive and inclusive of military-connected students.

For more information about the resources offered to military-affiliated students at Miami, visit our Services and Resources page.