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Registration opened October 30, 2019 

Registration for the Spring 2020 term opened on October 30, 2019, with schedule changes due by January 29, 2020. The semester began on January 27, 2020. The deadline to drop classes is the Friday preceding finals week (May 8, 2020).

Courses offered in Spring 2020


ART 189 History Of Western Dress
ART 233 Global Perspectives on Dress
ART 455 A History of Design
ART 555 A History of Design
ART 622 Experience Design Methods


BIO 620 Graduate Research
BIO 624 PollinatorBiology&Conservation
BIO 625 Environment & Informal Sci Education
BIO 632 Biology in Age of Technology
BIO 633 Issues in Biodiversity
BIO 635 Leadership in Science Inquiry
BIO 636 Professional Media Workshop
BIO 637 Master's Capstone
BIO 639 Master's Capstone: MAT
BIO 640 Internship
BIO 655 Master Plan in Action
BIO 677W Independent Studies

Disability Studies

DST 272 Intro to Disability Studies

Educational Leadership

EDL 204 Sociocultural Studies In Education

Educational Psychology

EDP 101 Psychology Of The Learner
EDP 272 Intro to Disability Studies
EDP 279 Tech + Media Lit and Learning
EDP 447/547 eLearning in K-12 Education
EDP 479/579 Autism: Intro/Research
EDP 483/583 Game-based Learning DesignEDP 637 Blended & Online-Learning Design
EDP 669 Qualitative Research in EDP

Teacher Education

EDT 310 Applications of Peer Education
EDT 362 Social Sciences for TeachersII
EDT 461/561 Grant Writing Skills/Methods

Education, Health and Society

EHS 649 Action Research for Educators


ENG 313 Technical Writing
ENG 424/524 Ethics and Digital Media
ENG 632 First Semester Low-Res MFA
ENG 633 2nd Semester Low-Res MFA
ENG 634 Third Semester Low-Res MFA
ENG 636 Fourth Semester Low-Res MFA

Family Science and Social Work

FSW 242 Family Resource Management
FSW 245 Children & Families Ages 0-12
FSW 261 Diverse Family Across Life Cycle
FSW 295 Research Methods
FSW 333 Writing For Helping Profession
FSW 361 Couple Relationships:Diversity&Change
FSW 375 Child Maltreatment & Advocacy
FSW 442 Family Resource Management
FSW 451 Family Violence
FSW 466/566 Adulthood and Aging
FSW 481/581 Adolescent Development
FSW 494 Internship w/ Families & Child
FSW 575 Family Theories


GEO 443/543 Geospatial Python Programming

Interactive Media Studies

IMS 254 Design Principles Applied
IMS 259 Art and Digital Tools I
IMS 315 User Experience Research
IMS 333 Digital Entrepreneurship
IMS 414/514 Web and Social Media Analytics
IMS 419 Digital Branding
IMS 424/524 Ethics and Digital Media
IMS 470 Introduction to Esports
IMS 471 Esports Broadcasting
IMS 472 Esports Event Management
IMS 515 Advanced UX Research

Kinesiology and Health

KNH 101 Personal Nutrition
KNH 102 Fundamentals of Nutrition
KNH 116 Personal Wellness
KNH 209 Medical Terminology
KNH 453O/553O Sport Law


MKT 419 Digital Branding

Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

MME 335 DOE for Quality Control


MUS 189 Great Ideas In Western Music


SOC 451 Family Violence


SPN 202 Second Year Spanish

Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

WGS 451 Family Violence
WGS 502 Engaged Learning Practicum WGS

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