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Summer is a great time to take online courses at Miami University. Many departments offer a plethora of courses (over 250!) that can help you get ahead, provide flexibility around other commitments (like part-time jobs or internships), and complete program requirements.

Registration opened December 2, 2019

Registration for the Summer 2020 term opened on December 2, 2019, with schedule changes via BannerWeb due by May 21, 2020. The semester begins on May 19, 2020. Visit the 2019-20 Academic Calendar for a full list of dates and deadlines.

Courses offered in Spring 2020


ACC 221 Intro To Financial Accounting
ACC 222 Intro To Managerial Accounting
ACC 333 Managerial Accounting
ACC 340 Internship

American Studies

AMS 205 Intro to American Cultures


ART 187 Hst Of West Art/Prehis-Gothic
ART 188 Hst Of West Art/Renais-Modern
ART 233 Global Perspectives on Dress


ATH 145 Lost Cities/Ancient Civs
ATH 175 Peoples Of The World
ATH 185 Cultural Diversity in the US
ATH 219 Introduction to Linguistics
ATH 390Z Pokemon:Local&Global Cultures


BIO 101 Biotechnology
BIO 203 Intro to Cell Biology
BIO 640 Internship
BIO 654 Foundations of Inquiry
BIO 655 Master Plan in Action
BIO 656 Env Stwdshp in My Communication
BIO 657 Regional Ecology
BIO 658 Ecophysiology
BIO 659 Great Lakes Ecosystems
BIO 663 Project Design & Assessment
BIO 668 Biology Through Inquiry
BIO 677W Independent Studies
BIO 696 Primate Behavior & Conservation

Business Law

BLS 340 Internship

Farmer School of Business

BUS 284 Prof Comm for Business
BUS 340 Internship


CHM 111 Chemistry In Modern Society


CLS 121 Classical Mythology

Chemical, Paper and Biomedical Engineering

CPB 102 Intro Chem and Bioengineering
CPB 313 Fluid Mechanics
CPB 314 Engineering Thermodynamics
CPB 324 ChmEng, BioEng Comp & Stat
CPB 341 Engineering Economics
CPB 419 Biomaterials

Computer Science and Software Engineering

CSE 148 Business Computing
CSE 262 Tech,Ethics & Global Society

Disability Studies

DST 101 Beginning ASL I
DST 102 Beginning ASL II
DST 201 Intermediate ASL I
DST 202 Intermediate ASL II
DST 272 Intro to Disability Studies
DST 312 Deaf Culture: Global, National

Electrical and Computer Engineering

ECE 102 Intro to Electrical and Computer Engineering


ECO 131 Eco Prspctv on Inequality Amer
ECO 201 Principles Of Microeconomics
ECO 202 Principles Of Macroeconomics
ECO 301 Money and Banking
ECO 340 Internship
ECO 344 International Economic Relations

Educational Leadership

EDL 204 Sociocultural Studies In Educ
EDL 657 Internships in Student Affairs

Educational Psychology

EDP 256 Psy/Learners With Exception
EDP 272 Intro to Disability Studies
EDP 279 Tech + Media Lit and Learning
EDP 478 Social Skills & Collaboration
EDP 479 Autism: Intro/Research
EDP 579 Autism: Intro/Research
EDP 631 Founds Instructional DesignTec
EDP 632 Instr Design Theory & Models
EDP 633 Form/Sum Eval Learning Design
EDP 636 Diversity, Learning & Tech

Teacher Education

EDT 225 Family, Schools &Communities
EDT 362 Social Sciences for Teachers II
EDT 405/505 Adv Science - Elem School Tchr
EDT 422 Studies In Educational Issues
EDT 453/553 Practicum & Praxis Grades 4-5
EDT 461/561 Grant Writing Skills/Methods
EDT 622 Improvement of Tchng/Public Sch

Education, Health and Society

EHS 649 Action Research for Educators


ENG 111 Composition and Rhetoric
ENG 213 Writing for Media
ENG 219 Introduction to Linguistics
ENG 220 Literature & Film
ENG 224 Digital Writing and Rhetoric
ENG 226 Intro to Creative Writing
ENG 262 Children's Literature
ENG 313 Technical Writing
ENG 407/507 Interactive Business Comm


ESP 340 Internship


FIN 301 Intro To Business Finance
FIN 340 Internship
FIN 401 Prin Of Investment&Securty Mkts
FIN 211 Financial Capital

Film Studies

FST 201 Film History and Analysis
FST 206 Diversity&Culture in Amer Film
FST 220 Literature & Film
FST 360E Hollywood Musical

Family Science and Social Work

FSW 206 Soc Welfare:Impact/Diverse Grp
FSW 221 Sexualities
FSW 245 Children & Families Ages 0-12
FSW 261 Diverse Fam Across Life Cycle
FSW 295 Research Methods
FSW 333 Writing For Helping Profession
FSW 361 Couple Relatnshps:Diversity&Change
FSW 365 Family Life Sexuality Education
FSW 375 Child Maltreatment & Advocacy
FSW 481/581 Adolescent Development
FSW 494/594 Internship w/ Families & Child


GEO 101 Global Forces, Local Diversity
GEO 122 Geographic Environments
GEO 242 Mapping a Changing World


GER 219 Introduction to Linguistics
GER 231 Folk & Literary Fairy Tales
GER 232 Holocaust: GER Lit Hst & Film

Global and Intercultural Studies

GIC 101 Intro to Global&Intercultural
GLG 111 The Dynamic Earth


GTY 260 Global Aging


HON 340 Honors Internship


HST 112 Survey Of American History
HST 197 World History to 1500

Interactive Media Studies

IMS 222 Intro to Interaction Design
IMS 224 Digital Writing and Rhetoric
IMS 254 Design Principles Applied
IMS 315 User Experience Research
IMS 322 Intermed Interaction Design
IMS 407/507 Interactive Business Comm
IMS 419/519 Digital Branding

Information Systems and Analytics

ISA 211 IT & Business Decision Making
ISA 225 Business Analytics
ISA 235 IT & Intelligent Enterprise
ISA 243 Database & Prog. for Analytics
ISA 245 Database Systems
ISA 250 Basic Math for Analytics
ISA 291 Appl Regression Analysis in Bus.
ISA 303 Enterprise Systems
ISA 340 Internship


JRN 101 Introduction to Journalism
JRN 201 Reporting and News Writing I

Kinesiology and Health

KNH 101 Personal Nutrition
KNH 102 Fundamentals of Nutrition
KNH 184 Motor Skill Lrng & Performance
KNH 188 Physical Activity and Health
KNH 209 Medical Terminology
KNH 212 Introduction Sport Management
KNH 214 Global Well-Being
KNH 244 Functional Anatomy
KNH 244L Functional Anatomy Laboratory
KNH 276 Current Issues inLeisure&Sport
KNH 279 African Americans in Sports
KNH 313 Sport Economics and Finance
KNH 338 Psychosocial Aspects Coaching
KNH 375 Psych Persp. in Sport&Exerc.
KNH 381 Biodynamics of Human Performan
KNH 381L Biodynamics of Hum Perf Lab
KNH 382 Fitness Assess Exer Prescript
KNH 382L PA & Fitness Assessment Lab
KNH 402 Critical Refl on Practices
KNH 416/516 Sport Marketing
KNH 438 Principles Effective Coaching
KNH 442/542 Strength & Conditioning
KNH 448/548 Global Sport Perspectives
KNH 453D Gambling Gaming Fantasy Sport
KNH 453Y/553Y Musc Disorders & Corrective Ex
KNH 462 Public Health Planning & Eval
KNH 472/572 Sport Administration
KNH 473 Children and Youth in Sports
KNH 482 Exercise Prescription
KNH 495 Practicum Sport Leader/Manag

Latin American Studies

LAS 208 Introduction to Latin America

Media and Culture

MAC 146 Media Aesthetics
MAC 209 Advertising in Consumer Culture
MAC 213 Writing for Media
MAC 215 Media History
MAC 258 Copywriting: Electronic Media


MBI 131 Community Health Perspectives
MBI 361 Epidemiology


MGT 111 Introduction To Business
MGT 291 Intro to Management&Leadership
MGT 302 Intro Operatns &Supply Chain M
MGT 340 Internship


MKT 291 Principles of Marketing
MKT 325 Developing Customer Insights
MKT 340 Internship
MKT 405 Professional Selling
MKT 419 Digital Branding
MKT 519 Digital Branding

Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

MME 211 Static Modeling/Mech Systems
MME 311 Dynamic Modeling/Mech Systems
MME 313 Fluid Mechanics
MME 314 Engineering Thermodynamics
MME 315 Mechanical Vibrations
MME 341 Engineering Economics


MTH 125 Precalculus
MTH 151 Calculus I
MTH 251 Calculus II


MUS 186 Global Popular Music


NSG 301 Theory-Based Nursing Practice


PHL 131 Introduction to Ethics
PHL 273 Formal Logic


PHY 111 Astronomy and Space Physics
PHY 141 Physics In Sports

Political Science

POL 221W Comparative Politics
POL 241 American Political System
POL 261 Public Administration
POL 303W Modern Political Philosophy
POL 307 Public Opinion Laboratory
POL 343 American Presidency
POL 370A Cyber & World Politics


PSY 111 Introduction to Psychology
PSY 112 Foundational Experiences
PSY 210 Psychology Across Cultures
PSY 221 Social Psychology
PSY 231 Developmental Psychology
PSY 241 Personality
PSY 242 Abnormal Psychology
PSY 251 Introduction To Biopsychology
PSY 271 Perception, Action, Cognition
PSY 320H Advanced Topics in PSY-Honors
PSY 320V Soc Psy Romantic Relationships
PSY 345 Child Psychopth&Developmental Disability
PSY 410O Psychology of Happiness
PSY 440 Topics in Psychopathology

Comparative Religion

REL 101 Introduction to Religion

Social Justice Studies

SJS 165 Introduction to Social Justice


SOC 153 Sociology in a Global Context
SOC 165 Introduction to Social Justice
SOC 221 Sexualities
SOC 272 Intro to Disability Studies

Speech Pathology and Audiology

SPA 101 Beginning ASL I
SPA 102 Beginning ASL II
SPA 127 Intro To Communication Disorders
SPA 201 Intermediate ASL I
SPA 202 Intermediate ASL II
SPA 223 Theories Of Lang Development
SPA 312 Deaf Culture: Global, National
SPA 326 Aural Rehabilitation


SPN 102 Beginner's Course
SPN 201 Second Year Spanish
SPN 202 Second Year Spanish
SPN 311 Grammar Rvw& Intro Composition
SPN 315 Intro to Hispanic Literatures


STA 261 Statistics
STA 301 Applied Statistics

Strategic Communication

STC 135 Principles of Public Speaking
STC 136 Intro:Interpersonal Communication
STC 239 Theories of Communication
STC 262 Empirical Research Methods
STC 339 Intro To Organization Com
STC 359 Strategic Communication Planning


THE 191 Experiencing Theatre
THE 395 Musical in American Culture

Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

WGS 201 Intro to Womens Studies
WGS 202 Introduction to GLBT Studies
WGS 221 Sexualities
WGS 361 Couple Relatnshps:Diversity&Change

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