Master's in Entrepreneurship and Emerging Technology

Gain entrepreneurial expertise for the tech start-up world.

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Empower yourself with the knowledge you need to become a leader of tomorrow. The Master’s in Entrepreneurship and Emerging Technology (MEET) leverages core curriculum, community ecosystems, and a professional mentorship/internship to deliver the deep experience-driven program you need to unlock a multitude of career opportunities.

MEET Program Highlights

Prepare to shape the future of business. Tech startups need technology-driven entrepreneurial expertise and the Miami University MEET program equips you with both strong entrepreneurship capabilities and marketable skills required by top employers. You’ll start by mastering graduate-level fundamentals in emerging technology and entrepreneurship in the program’s core coursework, but that’s just the beginning.

Experiential Learning + MEET

Employ data and ethnographic research, define problems, brainstorm, and rapidly prototype and test solutions. Learn from thought leaders as you dive deeper into applied problem solving during your on-ground boot camp in Silicon Valley. Gain effective and professional decision- making through mentoring and connections with industry experts during your internship. And finally, put all you’ve learned to use in your graduate research project.

The expertise you need to stand out

Most people entering the startup workforce have a background in either entrepreneurship or emerging technology. Through the MEET program you’ll gain expertise in both, achieving a broad and deep understanding of the major issues and concerns driving industry growth, academic scholarship, and public discourse in the technology entrepreneurship landscape.

The skills that create new opportunities

MEET gives you the in-demand skills startups need. Potential jobs are as varied as startup founder, digital marketer, growth hacker, social media marketer, UX designer, UX researcher, product manager, or project manager. All of these are areas with growing job demand.

You + MEET

Nearly any undergraduate degree can be complemented by a master’s in entrepreneurship and emerging technology. Augment what you already know with the emerging technology and entrepreneurship knowledge you need to successfully enter the tech entrepreneurship sector.

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