Professional Education

Meeting your emerging educational needs

The world is changing at a blistering pace. Advances in technology, communication, culture, innovation, new organizational needs - indeed, new industries - arise almost overnight. While core degree programs provide a solid foundation, in our fast-paced world, these advances require emerging educational needs just as quickly.

65% of executives say they are investing in reskilling current employees -World Economic Forum, 2016
 70% of businesses will have adopted AI technology by 2030 -McKinsey Global Institute, 2018

Professional and executive education built with you in mind

Along with enhanced access to learning opportunities, alternative credentials include a variety of experiences that offer convenience and flexibility.

Credentials worth their weight

Miami University's strong academic reputation and coveted degree programs are expanding to include competency-focused curriculum. These credentials differ from traditional degrees in that they generally take less time to complete, are more flexible, and tend to be focused on specific professional or lifelong learning knowledge, skills, or competencies.

Small investment = big rewards

In a short time, you can complete an alternative credential that will significantly impact your career goals. Unlike a traditional degree, credentials completed at Miami University are laser-focused around a distinct outcome, with length dictated by the resulting educational need. Designed with industry-specific outcomes and skills, your current career, or career change, will be pointed toward a brighter future.

Online or on-campus

Our new relevant, competency-focused programs can be completed online, in-person, hybrid, and/or any combination that sufficiently meets your educational needs. We know that the best format is one that provides you with a genuine credential that communicates you have gained a specific skill, while fitting into your busy schedule. The flexibility of our programs recognizes your need to fit learning in when, where and how you prefer.

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire."

The process of gaining knowledge and skills throughout your life—at Miami University, our professional education programs seek to enhance your understanding of the world around you while greatly benefiting both your personal and professional life. This enduring pursuit for formal and/or informal education, professional education courses can broaden perspectives, often expands networks and bestows the ability to learn and adapt to an ever-changing world.