Proctorio for Students

To be ready to fully participate in class sessions that meet via Proctorio, follow the steps outlined in the Getting Started section. If you experience issues with Proctorio, look for solutions in the Troubleshooting section.

Getting Started

Step 1: Download the Chrome browser on your computer.

Make sure you have Google Chrome downloaded and installed on your computer; it's available at If you've already installed Chrome, you can move on to the next step.

Step 2: Install the Proctorio Chrome Extension.

Using Google Chrome, you'll need to download the Proctorio Chrome Extension from It'll take you to the Chrome web store, where you can install the extension for free by selecting the Add to Chrome button.

Step 3: Prepare for the exam.

Get a webcam, microphone and photo ID (such as Miami ID) ready for identity verification. Make sure you have a fast enough internet connection in the place where you'll be sitting during the remotely proctored exam. You can test your internet speed at

Technical Requirements

Ideally, you should have the following items ready for a Proctorio-enabled exam before use:

  • A compatible operating system (Windows 7+, Mac OS 10.11+, Linux Ubuntu 18.04+, or Chrome OS 58+)
  • A reliable internet connection with a minimal upload speed of 0.244 MB per second
  • The latest version of Chrome Web Browser
  • The Proctorio Chrome Extension
  • A working webcam (internal or external) for video recording
  • A working microphone (internal or external) for audio recording
  • Miami photo ID (if required by the instructor)

Note that only built-in or external webcams, microphones, and speakers are accepted by Proctorio. Virtual ones are not accepted.

Testing Environment

Find a quiet environment where you can take the exam without interruptions and feel comfortable while being recorded. Try to get sufficient lighting in the exam environment. 

Be sure to dress appropriately. If you are wearing a mask or any other head coverings, you may remove them temporarily for the initial video/photo verification and put them back later on. Discuss with your instructor if you need any accommodations for this step. 

If using items such as paper, writing tools, whiteboards, calculators, and notes (when allowed by your instructor), try to show your tabletop in the camera.


When you have a problem with Proctorio, use the following steps for troubleshooting: 

  • Make sure that Chrome is being used as the web browser, and the Proctorio Chrome extension is installed. 
  • You may want to try removing Proctorio extension by right-clicking on the Proctorio shield icon at the top-right corner of Chrome and reinstalling it. 
  • If you continue experiencing technical issues, Proctorio offers 24/7/365 technical support via live chat, email, or phone at (480) 428-4089 or toll-free (866) 948-9248.
  • You may also submit a ticket to Miami's IT Help.

Privacy and Data Security

Proctorio is a third-party remote proctoring tool adopted by Miami University. Proctorio is browser-based and requires an extension to be installed on Chrome. The goal of using Proctorio is to encourage honest work and maintain high standards of integrity and for both instructors and students to have confidence in the overall integrity of the assessment. The use of Proctorio, is first and foremost, meant to serve as a reminder that remote assessments are treated in the same manner they would in face-to-face assessments.

Depending on the settings controlled by individual instructors, students' browsers and/or tabs may be locked down, and students' webcam, computer screen, sound, web traffic, Miami IDs, and room environment may be recorded. Proctorio only runs during the exam period. After finishing the exam, students may choose to uninstall the Proctorio extension, and just reinstall it before the next exam. Additionally, Proctorio does not watch student exams live, unless the student requests live support during the exam. 

Privacy provisions have been established to ensure student privacy and FERPA compliance. According to Proctorio's policies and terms of agreement, we are of the understanding that Proctorio has zero access to the encrypted data on their own servers. Data are transferred and stored with zero-knowledge encryption and can only be accessed by course instructors and authorized university officials. 

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