Advanced Transitional Cup


An advanced transitional cup (ATC) for training developing children and developmentally challenged individuals to drink from a cup. The ATC includes a lid with a small fluid aperture and an electric air valve. A micro-controller located in the base of the ATC converts a user-defined "flow rate" into a PWM voltage signal that successively opens and closes the air valve. A higher flow rate results in a PWM signal that opens the air valve for longer spans of time and closes the air valve for shorter spans of time as compared to a lower flow rate, thereby allowing more air to enter the ATC and fluid to be expressed from the fluid aperture more readily. A touch sensor on the sidewall of the ATC prevents the air valve from being opened, and thus fluid from exiting the fluid aperture, unless a drinker is touching the touch sensor, thereby preventing accidental spills.

PATENT STATUS: 8,432,249

INVENTORS: Donna Scarborough and Michael Bailey-Van Kuren

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Vice President for Research & Innovation
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