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Below is a template that can be used to create a CCP Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

College Credit Plus Memorandum of Understanding

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is entered into this ___ day of ________ between Miami University and ___________ School District (District). College Credit Plus (CCP) is a State of Ohio program which enables Ohio high school students to enroll in public universities, such as Miami University on a full or part-time basis and complete non-sectarian, non-remedial courses for post-secondary credit or for high school and post-secondary credit. This program is not intended to be a substitute for the academic programs and other educational experiences offered by Ohio’s high schools. This MOU is governed by and subject to Ohio Revised Code Chapter 3365. Miami University’s Campus [Oxford Campus or Regional Campuses at Middletown and Hamilton and Voice of America Learning Center] is responsible for fulfilling Miami University’s obligations under this Agreement.

A. CCP courses may be delivered under this MOU in one of three ways:

  1. Miami Based (MB) – a course delivered on one of Miami University’s campuses, at another location operated by Miami or on-line;
  2. Miami Taught (MT) – a course delivered at a secondary school in the District and taught by Miami University faculty. Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, MT courses will be held at the post-secondary school at no cost to Miami; and
  3. High School Based (HSB) – a course delivered at a secondary school in the District and taught by a District high school teacher who has met the credential requirements and been determined by Miami to qualify as adjunct faculty. The course will use Miami’s syllabus, textbooks and examinations. The course must have been approved by Miami University as having equivalent content, learning objectives and outcomes, and work assignments as an on-campus college course. Miami will conduct at least one classroom observation per school year for each course that is authorized by Miami and taught by a high school teacher to ensure the course meets the quality of a college level course.

B. Miami University will:

  1. Apply established standards and procedures for admission of CCP students to Miami and for course placement. Miami will consider available student data that may be an indicator of college readiness including grade point average and end of course examinations in making such determination. Miami is solely responsible for making the admission decision. Each student will be expected to :
    • Complete application materials;
    • Complete placement tests, if required;
    • Provide prerequisite documentation, if required; and
    • Follow all Miami University student policies and procedures, including procedures for initiating official withdrawal from courses.
  2. Give priority to its current students regarding enrollment in courses. However, once a CCP student has been accepted into a course, Miami will not displace that student for another student.
  3. Send written notice to the student, the student’s parent, the student’s secondary school and the superintendent of public instruction, not later than 14 days prior to the first day of classes for the term, notice of the student’s admission to Miami and to the specific courses under the CCP program.
  4. Provide, not later than 21 days after the first day of classes for the term, to the student, the student’s parent and the superintendent of public instruction, the courses and hours of enrollment of the student and the student’s tuition payment and credit election to receive Miami or Miami and high school credit under Ohio Revised Code 3365.06 (A) or (B).
  5. Provide a roster of participants to each District high school participating in the CCP that are enrolled in courses and a list of course assignments for each participant.
  6. Promote the CCP program on Miami’s website, including the details of this MOU.
  7. Coordinate with the District for interested students and parents.
  8. Assign an academic advisor to each student. The academic advisor and the student will meet at least once to discuss the program and the courses in which the participant is enrolled.
  9. Miami will provide at least one professional development session per academic year for high school teachers that are teaching courses for Miami under the CCP program.

C. The District will:

  1. Publicize all Miami University CCP offerings prior to the first day of March of each year to all students in grades six through eleven.
  2. Provide counseling services to students in grades six through eleven and to their parents before the students participate in the CCP program to ensure the students and parents are fully aware of the possible consequences and benefits of participation. The District agrees to provide all counseling information required by Ohio Revised Code 3365.04.
  3. Identify qualified high school teachers eligible to teach CCP courses upon request. Qualifications must comply with standards established by the Higher Learning Commission and the Ohio Department of Higher Education.
  4. Submit required documentation needed by Miami to credential appropriate high school faculty.
  5. Coordinate student enrollment process with Miami University personnel and faculty.
  6. Communicate process for admission and registration to students and parents.
  7. Communicate and adhere to course academic requirements/outcomes.
  8. Provide or pay for all textbooks and related course materials for students participating in CCP at no cost to the students or to Miami University.
  9. Ensure grades and student withdrawals are reported according to Miami University deadlines.
  10. Provide all necessary tutoring and ADA accommodations for courses taught at a District high school.

D. Annual Review and Preparation of Exhibits

Each year, Miami and the District will prepare an Exhibit to this MOU that provides the agreed upon courses that are to be taught as MT and HSB courses.

E. Entirety of Agreement

This Agreement, including Exhibits constitutes the entire understanding between the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof and supersedes any and all prior understandings and agreements, oral and written, relating hereto. Any amendment hereof must be in writing and executed by authorized representatives of both parties.

F. Nondiscrimination

Each party agrees to comply with all applicable laws regarding affirmative action and equal employment opportunity in connection with this Agreement and each party further agrees not to discriminate against any person or group of persons on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, age, national origin, ancestry, religion or disability.

G. Publicity

No publicity containing any reference to Miami University, other than the fact that the MOU exists between the parties, shall be used by either party, except upon prior approval by the other party.

H. Governing Law

The terms of the Agreement shall be governed and construed under the laws of the State of Ohio.

I. Effective and Expiration Dates

This agreement takes effect once the last party has signed and expires three years after the effective date.


For [Name of District]


DATE: ___________________________


For Miami University

Executive Vice President and Provost

DATE: ___________________________



Dean of Regional Campuses [if applicable]

DATE: ___________________________