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Scope of the Policy
This policy governs the use of motor vehicles on University property.
Motor Vehicle Permits
This policy requires a permit to park in a University parking lot or on a University drive, except as noted in the policy.
Parking Areas
This policy governs the use of the various parking permits issued by the University
Parking Appeals
This policy governs the process for appealing parking citations.
Regional Campuses Motor Vehicle Regulations
This policy regulates motor vehicles on the Regional Campuses
Permit Prices
This policy directs persons to the Parking and Transportation Services website for the most current listing of parking permit types, availability, and pricing.
Parking Violations
This policy requires the individual registering a vehicle to be responsible for all citations issued to that vehicle regardless of ownership. Individuals who lend their vehicles to others are responsible for any parking fines incurred.
Regulations for Shuttle Services, Charter Services, and RV Parking
This policy address the regulations related to Shuttle, Charter, and RV parking.