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Covid-19 2021 Leave
Plan Information Miami University has voluntarily established a new paid leave plan effective January 1, 2021 for all employees to cover gaps created by the end of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) paid leaves and to protect the campus community against the spread of COVID-19. All faculty and staff (full-time, part-time) who are u
Salary | Unclassified Administrative Staff and Faculty
This policy establishes the pay schedule for faculty and unclassified staff. It also addresses compensation, annual salary increments as well as Supplemental and Summer Pay for Grants and Contracts.
Unclassified Administrative Staff | Compensation | Wages and Overtime
This policy establishes the work week for unclassified administrative staff and governs the payment of overtime for non-exempt employees.
This policy governs the accrual and use of vacation by unclassified staff.
This policy establishes the holiday schedule for full-time unclassified administrative staff.
Professional Development or Educational Leave | Unclassified Administrative Staff
This policy governs the basis for and use of Professional Development and Educational Leaves for unclassified administrative staff.
Sick Leave
This policy governs the accrual and use of sick leave by unclassified staff.
Parental Leave
This policy describes the parental leave policy for employees. As part of its efforts to foster a workplace in which professional success can be achieved while maintaining a quality personal and family life, the University supports employees and their families with leave opportunities for new parents.
Family and Medical Leave
This policy governs eligibility for and use of family and medical leave.
Personal Leave
This policy governs the basis for and use of personal leave by faculty and unclassified administrative staff.
Other Leaves of Absence
This policy governs leaves of absence for military and reserve duty as well as court attendance.
Fee Waivers
This policy describes the fee waiver benefit available to current and retired employees as well spouses and dependent children of deceased employees.
Disability Benefits
This policy describes the benefits available to faculty and unclassified administrative staff who are unable to work due to disability.
Reinstatement from Disability Retirement/Leave
This policy governs the circumstances under which a faculty or unclassified staff member may be reinstated from a disability retirement or leave.
Furlough Policy | Unclassified Staff and Instructional Staff
This policy provides for mandatory furloughs of unclassified administrative staff and instructional staff to achieve spending reductions necessitated by institutional budget deficits.
Nursing Mothers
This policy designates the facilities available to mothers who want to express breast milk at work.