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Attendance and Absence of Students
This policy governs the attendance and absence of students. The policy requires faculty to grant excused absences for religious reasons,as defined in the policy and for pregnancy, childbirth and related conditions. it also encourages faculty to excuse student absences for intercollegiate and extra and co-curricular activities.
Size of Classes
The policy requires the academic department to fix the maximum size of each class section with the approval of the dean of the appropriate academic division and Provost and is based on the optimum size for effective teaching and the capacity of available classrooms.
This policy requires faculty to give a final examination unless other evaluative substitute procedures have been approved by the department chair or dean of the division.
This policy governs the departmental responsibilities for the selection of textbooks, faculty and instructional staff use of self-authored materials and the responsibilities of the University Bookstore.
Use of Undergraduates as Teachers
This policy governs the use of undergraduates to perform duties usually performed by faculty members and is intended to assure the high quality of instruction that undergraduates at Miami expect and deserve, while providing ample opportunities for innovative programs that will benefit both the undergraduates given teaching responsibilities and the undergraduates enrolled in these courses.
Academic Dishonesty
In order to avoid unnecessary duplication, please refer to the policy “Academic Integrity”  that pertains to undergraduate students and the policy “Academic and Research/Creative Activity Integrity” that pertains to graduate students.