Employment of Persons Holding a Miami Degree

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Effective July 1, 2019, a person whose last degree is from Miami University may not be hired into a tenurable or promotable but non-tenurable postition (TCPL) unless one of the following conditions prevails: 

  1. The person held the position and rank at Miami University at the time of the award of the degree and the degree is unrelated to the discipline in which the faculty member is employed; or 
  2. Since receiving the Miami degree, the person has been employed elsewhere for at least three years and has gained significant achievementin teaching and/or research; or
  3. Since receiving the Miami degree, the person has earned a higher degree from another institution.

In extraordinary situations, an exception to this Policy for the hiring of a TCPL with a Miami degree may sought. Any exception requires the support of the dean and the approval of the Provost. Exceptions may be granted only following a competitive national search.

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