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Evaluation of Members of the Faculty
This policy governs the frequency and purpose of evaluation; the annual report of professional activities; annual evaluation of faculty; annual evaluation of probationary members of the faculty; and provides for formative promotion evaluations.
Statement on the Evaluation of Teaching
This policy governs the evaluation of teaching, requires departments to adopt a teaching evaluation plan and encourages the use of multiple measures of teaching effectiveness. 
Tenure and Promotion
This policy establishes the purpose of and governs eligibility for tenure and promotion.
This policy defines and elaborates the criteria for tenure.
Annual Review of Probationary Members of the Faculty
The policy requires and governs the process for annual reviews of probationary (tenure eligible) members of the faculty.
Tenure and Time
This policy establishes: a six year probationary period for tenure eligible faculty; grounds for credit toward the probationary period; and grounds for extending the probationary period. It also provides that in unusual circumstances the President, upon recommendation of the department, the department chair, the program director (when appropriate), the Dean of the Regional Campuses (when appropriate), the dean, and the Provost, may waive the probationary period and recommend tenure for a person being appointed to the rank of Associate Professor or Professor.
Criteria for Tenure
This policy establishes the criteria for the award of tenure.
The Tenure and Promotion Process
This policy governs the tenure and promotion process for tenure eligible and tenured faculty. f
Rights of a Candidate Who Has Received a Negative Recommendation or Been Denied Tenure or Promotion
This policy governs the process and deadlines for the reconsideration and appeal rights of persons who have received a negative recommendation for or been denied tenure. It also authorizes the President,in extraordinary circumstances, to issue a Presidential Directive that the person be considered for tenure the following year.
Failure to Attain Tenure
This policy established the end of appointment for those who are not granted tenure.