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Retirement with Rehiring Contracts
Tenured members of the faculty, with the approval of the department chair/program director, appropriate dean, and the Provost, may participate in the University’s Retirement with Rehiring Program during the first three consecutive academic years following their retirement.
Retirement and Resignation
This policy provides for the termination of tenure upon the effective date of retirement of a tenured member of the faculty. This policy also address compensation upon re-empolyment and requests notice of retirement at least six months in advance of the anticipated retirement date.
Professor Emeritus/Emerita
To be eligible for appointment to the rank of Professor Emeritus/Emerita of Miami University, a person must: have attained the rank of Senior Instructor or above; have been granted tenure or continuing contract; have been a fulltime member of the faculty for at least ten (10) years; have retired from Miami University; and, be recommended by the President to and approved by the Board of Trustees.
Termination Under Financial Exigency of a Tenured Appointment
This policy governs the termination of faculty in the event of financial exigency.
Nonreappointment of Persons with Probationary Appointments and Persons in Nontenurable Ranks
This policy requires written notice of intention not to recommend re-appointment of a faculty member for the next academic year.