COVID-19 Immunization


The following students if they will have any physical presence on a Miami University campus: All Regional Campuses undergraduate and graduate students, except regional campus students in the nursing program, and regional campus international students. The Oxford Policy governs regional campus students in the nursing program and regional campus international students.


Miami University requires all regional campus students who will have any physical presence on a Miami University campus to meet the following requirements by August 1 for the Fall Semester, or January 15 for those enrolling during the Spring Semester. Exemptions from these requirements will be considered for certain medical conditions and documented religious convictions/reasons of conscience. Exemption request forms are available on the Student Health Services website along with instructions for how to upload your exemption documentation.  Failure to meet the requirements will result in students being prevented from registering for or attend classes. 

Unless exempted, all students must have completed two doses of the Pfizer/BioNtech vaccine (also known as Comirnaty). The University will also accept Moderna (two doses) and Johnson and Johnson (one dose) as proof of vaccination. Students are required to take any booster shots or FDA approved COVID-19 vaccinations at CDC recommended intervals.

Participation: Students must participate in the University’s COVID-19 Vaccination Program at the required intervals by completing one the following steps:

  1. Get vaccinated through the University by making an appointment at the Oxford Campus Student Health Services;
  2. Provide written documentation of vaccination from an external healthcare facility or clinic (e.g., at a private health care provider’s office or a vaccine clinic.); or
  3. Request for Vaccination Exemption/Deferral:  Exemptions may be granted for medical reasons, sincerely held religious beliefs/reasons of conscience (philosophical or ethical reason) and a deferral granted for pregnancy or nursing. Individuals with an approved exemption may be required to comply with COVID-19 educational or preventive health and safety measures.

Students receiving a Vaccination Exemption may elect to receive the vaccine in the future.

Important Note: Requesting an exemption does not equate to registration as an individual with a disability. If you require disability-related accommodations outside of this exemption, you must go through the University disability registration process.

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