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October 5, 2020

12 weeks

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Program Overview

Miami University's miniMBA program is a fast-track, light-sample version of the full MBA. It abridges a two-year MBA degree into an "overview" learning experience of approximately 24 hours of media content. This program is ideal for professionals who want to strengthen their perception of the modern business world, with innovation and informed business decision-making at its core.

The program includes MBA essentials, such as leadership, entrepreneurship, accounting and finance. Each topic will feature the highest quality mini lectures, each taught by Miami University's Farmer School of Business faculty. To add to your learning, and to include a little Miami University Love and Honor, we've included interviews with some of our successful Miami alumni.

Coming soon: Miami plans to expand the program and open it more broadly to include those outside of the Miami community.

The miniMBA covers twelve topics in three areas. The Strategy, Ethics & the Business Mindset bundle includes Business Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility; Cross-cultural Management; Digital Marketing; and Strategy. The Business Innovation, Change Management & Financials bundle includes the topics Entrepeneurship & Innovation; Change Management; Financial Management; and Creativity & Design Thinking. Lastly, the Business Fundamentals & Disruptive Technologies bundle examines Leveraging Disruptive Technology in the Digital World; Cash Flow, Taxes, & Decision-Making; Supply Chains; and Branding.

Who Should Enroll

This program is designed for professionals who want to:

  • Strengthen their understanding of the modern business world
  • Make an impactful contribution to their organization's innovation efforts
  • Leverage their skills and experience in current or future business endeavors
  • Differentiate themselves and their skills amongst their peers
  • Explore an MBA or other graduate business program

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Miami University's Farmer School of Business has been ranked as the No. 18 public business school in the country by Poets & Quants in its 2020 Top Undergraduate Business Schools in the Nation report, and the top business school in Ohio.

Miami University made Money's Magazine's Top 10 list for CEOs of Fortune 500 companies—and the magazine points out that Miami is the only school in the top 10 with two female Fortune 500 CEOs to its credit.


Miami University provides a rigorous academic experience allowing high achieving intellectuals to prepare for success. Miami University's strong academic reputation and coveted degree programs have expanded to include a fast-track version of our MBA program, the miniMBA. The credential awarded through this program acknowledges professional business learning gained through the miniMBA experience.


Credentials: Earn professional credentials with the weight of Miami's strong academic reputation behind you.

Convenient: Choose from flexible programs to meet your educational needs.
Fast-track: In a short time, you can complete a credential that will significantly impact your career goals.

Faculty and Course Authors

Faculty at Miami are a community of talented teachers-scholars who play an active role in providing challenging intellectual experiences for our exceptional student body. Miami is especially distinguished by the devoted effort and quality of our faculty.

To learn more about faculty at Miami’s Farmer School of Business, visit their site.

Course authors include:

Michael Conger

David Eyman

Xiowen Huang & Pete Salzarulo

Darryl Rice

Megan Gerhardt

Skip Benamati

Mike McCarthy

Jim Coyle

Haim Kassa

Michelle Frank

Chelsea Green

Chris Welter