Learning Objectives

Public Health

Public Health Learning Objectives
Learning Objective Core Courses Addressing Objective
Identify and address the concepts of population health, and the basic processes, approaches, and interventions which focus on the major health-related needs and concerns of populations Introduction to Public Health
Social and Health Policy
Applied Health Behavior Change
Describe the basic concepts of legal, ethical, economic, and regulatory dimensions of health care and public health policy Social and Health Policy
Introduction to Public Health
Integrate the core elements of public health with a selected area of specialization to recognize how the field of public health applies to individuals, communities, and society overall Advanced Epidemiology Capstone (Concentration 1)
Internship Capstone (Concentration 2)
Internship or Research Capstone (Concentrations 3 and 4)

Human Disease and Epidemiology (Concentration 1)

Human Disease and Epidemiology Learning Objectives
Learning Objective Courses Addressing Objective
Describe the underlying science of human health and disease including opportunities from promoting and protecting health across the life course Introduction to Public Health
Human Physiology
Introduction to Cell Biology
Biological Concepts
Demonstrate use of research tools and analytic methods to critically analyze, monitor, and assess the health status of populations and current public health related issues Epidemiology
Advanced Epidemiology
Microorganisms and Human Disease
Doctors, Clinics, and Epidemics
Immunology Principles

Health Policy & Administration (Concentration 2)

Health Policy & Administration Learning Objectives
Learning Objective Courses Addressing Objective
Evaluate the impact of policies and legislation on individual and population health Policies and Programs in an Aging Society
Public Policy Analysis
Public Administration
Explain the fundamental characteristics and organizational structure of the U.S. health systems as well as the differences in systems in other countries Social Policy and Programs in Gerontology
Social and Health Public Health Policy
Policy and Programs in an Aging Society
Developing Solutions in Global Health
Health Economics
Public Policy Analysis

Health Promotion (Concentration 3)

Health Promotion Learning Objectives
Learning Objective Courses Addressing Objective
Use the basic concepts of public health-specific communication, including technical and professional writing and the use of mass media and electronic technology Public Health Communications
Public Health Program Planning and Evaluation
Explain the history and philosophy of public health as well as its core values, concepts, and functions across the globe and in society Introduction to Public Health
Public Health Education
Public Health Disparities Past & Future