ELC Registration

ELC Course Registration

The English Language Center (ELC) matriculates international students to Miami Regionals when they reach 'Level 5.'  Once you are a Level 5 student, you take ENG108 and ENG109, and you register for other Miami Plan courses in the same semesters as you take those classes. 

You will be preregistered for ENG108 and ENG109 in two consecutive semesters. Each of these classes is 4 credit hours. You should expect these classes in the morning, EST/Ohio time, ONLS, five days a week.  You must schedule your other classes according to the following rules:

  • If you are in the U.S., you must have a minimum of 12 credit hours in each semester (which includes the 4 credit hours for ENG108/109)
  • If you are in the U.S., you must have 9 credit hours in a face-to-face classroom 
    • When you take ENG108, these hours must be on the same campus as your ENG108 class
    • When you take ENG109, you can take classes on other Miami campuses (including Oxford if you have met the minimum requirements)
  • If you are NOT in the U.S., you must take all your classes online
  • We recommend taking 15-16 hours for a timely graduation
  • The BannerWeb system will not prevent you from breaking these rules; you are responsible for ensuring your registration is in compliance with these enrollment regulations

STEP 1: What should I take? 

In your first two semesters as a Miami student, you take ENG108 and ENG109, and classes that fill foundations in the Global Miami Plan. The Global Miami Plan includes the general education coursework that all Miami University students take. ENG109 counts in the Global Miami Plan as your English Composition requirement (Foundation I). ENG108 counts as a Global Perspectives requirement (Foundation III). The other classes you take meet other requirements in the Miami Plan, such as Creative Arts or Social Science, and can help you explore majors and minors. 

Miami University's Regional College of Liberal Arts and Applied Sciences (CLAAS) offers many bachelor and associate degrees that can be earned entirely at the Hamilton and/or Middletown campuses, or online via E-Campus. Students may also begin their education at the Regional locations and then change their campus to Oxford to finish degrees housed there. The Miami Regionals Program Finder can help you explore majors and minors at Miami University Regionals, and the Oxford Program Finder can help you find programs in Oxford. 

To decide what classes to register for, consider the following:

  • If you are taking ENG108 in person, you must take at least 9 required in-person credit hours in Middletown; the remainder may be either in person in Middletown or online from any Regional Campus
  • If you are taking ENG108 online, you may take other online courses from any Regional Campus
  • If you are taking ENG109, you may take classes on any Regional campus, or in Oxford if you meet the requirements to do so, but you must take ENG109 on your home campus
  • If you have transfer credit for ENG111 or ENG109 from another university, you do not need to take ENG109. It is the student's responsibility to have their transcript sent to Miami in a timely manner or to notify the advising office
  • If you take classes on multiple campuses, consider that it takes a half hour or more to drive between each campus and you cannot schedule back-to-back classes and make it in time (Do you have a car? Will you use the BCRTA's Hamilton/Oxford connector? Or the Hamilton/Middletown shuttle, which travels from downtown Hamilton to downtown Middletown, with transfer buses to each campus?) 
  • Not all Miami Plan courses are taught on all campuses; be flexible as you look for classes
  • Browse Miami's Course List and search all subjects by attribute to find out what Miami Plan classes are available for you to choose from  

STEP 2: How do I register for classes? 

Once you have identified which classes you need to complete your degree and Miami Plan requirements, you need to build your schedule. You may have classes you need for your major or minor that you will search for by Subject. Search for these first, because there may only be one or two sections offered. After you've scheduled specific classes, you should complete your schedule with Miami Plan Foundation courses or electives.

Schedule your classes according to your degree audit, advisor recommendation, and time ticket: 

  • Look up specific classes to add to your schedule using Course List
  • Use BannerWeb to add courses to your schedule

  • You can also drop courses from  your schedule in BannerWeb

  • Confirm your classes in the Student Detail Schedule on BannerWeb

STEP 3: What do I do after I register for classes? 

Once you have finalized your schedule, you should:

  • Ensure your Visa and Immigration documents are updated correctly 
  • Ensure your online and hybrid enrollment meets the specific enrollment requirements for your legal status
  • If you are studying online, make sure to complete the 'Online Enrollment Outside U.S. Report' and the 'Health Insurance Waiver Request in Interlink
  • Order your textbooks from the Brick and Ivy campus bookstore

Banner Waitlisting and Registration Override Request (ROR)

Regional students have two options to waitlist classes:

  • Most Regional departments use the Banner Waitlisting system, allowing you to "get in line" for a spot in a class that is full. Beginning Fall 2021, both online and face-to-face classes will have Banner Waitlisting options.  
  • Some Regional departments use the Registration Override Request (ROR) system to manage their course registration. The ROR system allows you to include information about your circumstances, such as a graduation timeline, and departments prioritize students who need into the class. Use this Registration Override Request Guide at the One Stop to add yourself to these Regional classes:
    • Art (ART) classes that involve making (drawing, sculpture, etc) 
    • Criminal Justice (CJS) and Nonprofit & Community Studies (NCS) courses in the Justice and Community Studies department
    • Computer Information Technology (CIT) and Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) courses in the Computer Information Technology department
    • Engineering Technology (ENT) courses
    • Language, Literatures & Writing courses, which include all English (ENG), English Studies (EGS), and foreign language (SPN, FRE, GER, etc.) courses
    • Nursing (NSG) courses
    • Statistics (STA261) in the Math and Physical Sciences Department (only STA261! STA301 uses Banner Waitlisting)

Need More Information about Registration?

Find more information about registration at the One Stop.

Read through these registration tips to help you register for classes effectively

Who do I go to for...?

Summer & Fall 2023 Registration Dates

  • 3/13: Fall 2023 schedule viewable
  • 3/27: Time Tickets viewable
  • 4/5: Early Priority Registration
  • 4/6: Priority (Honors, Military, Work+)
  • 4/11 - 4/14: Junior & Senior Registration
  • 4/18 - 4/21: Sophomore & Freshman Registration
  • 4/25 @noon: Open Registration
  • 5/17 @noon: CCP Registration
  • Summer Registration ongoing