National Science Foundation Grant

On the left side of the photo is graduate student Jyoti Kashyap, middle is Professor D.J. Ferguson and to the right is graduate student Adam Creighbaum.

Graduate Student Jyoti Kashyap, Associate Professor of Microbiology D.J. Ferguson and graduate student Adam Greighbaum. 

Title: RUI: Methanogenesis from Quaternary Amines
Amount: $343,030 over 3 years
Description: This project involves the study of methanogens, microorganisms that produce methane (natural gas) as the primary end product of their metabolism. Methane is both a renewable energy source and a potent greenhouse gas. In this project they will be examining the metabolic pathways these organisms use to break down a class of compounds known as quaternary amines and trying to determine which organisms carry out this process in the environment and how abundant they are.