Digital Commerce Courses

For information about CMR courses and complete course descriptions, please visit the Miami bulletin.

Course Classes (34 hours)

CMR 101 Introduction to Accounting I

CMR 105 Introduction to Marketing

CMR 108 Introduction to Business Law

CMR 111 Introduction to Management

CMR 207 Management Planning and Control

CMR 211 Economics for Commerce I

CMR 244 Introduction to Global Business

CMR 282 Computer Based Business Analysis

CMR 302 Financial Information for Managers

CMR 495 Capstone in Organizational Strategy for Commerce

STA 261 Statistics

Digital Commerce Major (18 hours)

CMR 242 Management of Small Business Operations

CMR 286 Digital Commerce

CMR 341 Internet Marketing

IMS 392 Content Marketing

IMS 414 Web and Social Media Analytics

CMR 449 Senior Practicum in Digital Commerce

*Course requirements are subject to change. All students must complete the entire Miami Plan in addition to specific course requirements and meet the 124 credit hour minimum graduation requirement.