Susan Miller

Assistant Professor

218 Johnston Hall

Dr. Susan M. Miller is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Education and Society (Miami Regionals) and in the Department of Educational Psychology (Miami Oxford). Throughout her academic career, Dr. Miller has taught a wide range of undergraduate and graduate courses including cognition, human development, learning and learning technologies, instructional design, evaluation, research methods, and statistics. Dr. Miller has coupled her interest in the effects of beliefs and attitudes on cognition with her commitment to addressing areas of social injustice, especially as related to education. She co-author the Survey of Cultural Attitudes and Behaviors and conducted a series of studies investigating the relationships among teacher prejudice, bias and campus climate in higher education and high school environments. She includes students in research and professional scholarship activities and has collaborated with faculty from STEM disciplines such as engineering and technology, counselor education and school psychology as well as health educators in physiology and nursing. She has been awarded over $1,400.00 in external grants, has published 25 journal articles and book chapters and made nearly 100 presentations at international, national, and regional conferences.