Senior Design Day

Senior design team poses with DMAX robot project.
 A senior design team poses with a wheeled project.
 Hallway with students and visitors examining senior design project displays along the walls while others sit at round tables in the center of the aisle
 A crowd of people examine a senior design project at a booth

What is Senior Design Day?

Student teams conduct major open-ended research and design projects. Elements of the design process including establishment of objectives, synthesis, analysis, and evaluation are integral parts of the capstone. Real-world constraints such as economical and societal factors, marketability, ergonomics, safety, aesthetics, and ethics are also an integral part of the capstone.

Teams typically consist of two or three students. The projects are usually defined based on one or several of the following factors:

  • Students' interest area
  • Students' employer interest area
  • ENT faculty research interest 

The projects need to be approved by the instructor of the course (senior design advisor). Each concentration at ENT Department will have at least one senior design instructor (advisor). Students are also encouraged to work with other ENT or non-ENT faculty, called mentors, for further technical advice.

The Senior Design Course (ENT 497) starts in Fall semester and continues in the following Spring semester (ENT 498). Through these two semesters students submit progress reports and present their work several times. The final presentation takes place about two weeks before the end of Spring semester. Prior to taking ENT 497, students must have taken and passed at least four junior or senior level ENT courses. Its is highly recommended that students start thinking about and planning for their projects months in advance.

Our Senior Design final presentations, demonstrations and competition usually takes place in late April.

Please select the link below to view the Senior Design Projects of the past years.