Internet-of-Things and Industrial Wireless Networking Research Lab

Director: Dr. Mert Bal

This lab utilizes various levels of micro-processing and computing electronics equipment for supporting the ongoing applied research of the EMET faculty and students on the following focus areas:

Industrial Applications of Wireless Sensor Networks for Distributed Control and Monitoring.

  • Structural Modeling and Energy Aware Design of Distributed Industrial Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks.
  • Mobile and Cloud Computing Applications for distributed control in Industrial Automation
  • Pervasive Smart Spaces and Applications of Wearable Technologies for improving the Quality of Life.
  • Prediction of Risk of fall and Balance Studies.

Major equipment used in this lab include:

  • Multiple microprocessor devices

Arduino UNO and MEGA boards
Raspberry PI Platforms
TI-Tiva ARM Microprocessors

  • Wireless Networking and Communication Kits

Arduino WiFi and ZigBee wireless communication Kits
TelosB Wireless Sensor Networking Boards
SunSPOT Small Object Technology for Wireless Networking
Radio Frequency IDentification Kits
Multiple Bluetooth Kits

  • Industrial Programmable Logic Controllers

CUBLOC Industrial Kits
Allen Bradley SLC500 Kits

  • Various sensors and wearable movement tracking devices

FitBit Sensor
TinyDuino Motion Logger
Current Sensors
Acoustic Sensors