Industrial Automation and Robotics Lab

Director: Dr. Mert Bal

Locations: Hamilton Campus: Phelps Hall, Rooms 100 & 102

The Industrial Automation and Robotics Lab supplies a variety of common automation equipment, used in characterization, applied design, operation and troubleshooting of modern robotics and industrial automation systems commonly used in the process and manufacturing industry. The equipment in this lab is used to analyze common electrical and mechanical instrumentation including hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, automated material handling systems, industrial robot control and programming, programmable logic controllers (PLC), building automation control systems with microcontrollers and incorporating industrial SQL databases and networks.

The lab is utilized mainly for Industrial Automation Lab (ENT 402) and Modern Manufacturing Systems (ENT 407) courses.

Major Lab Equipment

  • Bottling Process Simulator
  • IBM SCARA Robot
  • Adept SCARA robot with Vision System
  • 5-Axis Mitsubishi RM-501 Movemaster Remote Controllable Robot Arm
  • LynxMotion’s SSE-32 6-Axis Robot Arm
  • Multiple Conveyor Systems
  • A PLC-Controlled Indexing Table
  • Pneumatic can crusher lab project kits

Each kit contains:

  • 6-Axis Electric Robot Arm
  • Soda can crusher unit with switches and a pneumatic cylinder

Common Equipment

The common equipment in this lab is used in addition to the equipment listed above for building and testing various automation systems lab projects.

  • Microcontroller Boards (CUBLOC & Arduino)
  • LEDs and Switches
  • DC Power supply units
  • Digital Multimeters with RS-232 Interface
  • Resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes, transistors, and various TTL chips
  • DMMs, oscilloscopes, frequency generators and scope-meters
  • Breadboards and wiring

Software used in Industrial Automation and Robotics Lab Projects

Each laboratory project has a software and programming component. The following software applications are used in order to complement the experiments performed in this lab.

  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Microsoft Excel
  • IBM AML Robot Programming Software
  • Microsoft SQL
  • VCIMLAB Virtual Reality Robotics Training Software
  • CUBLOC Studio
  • Arduino IDE